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Your Sexual Orientation Can Change Over Time And It’s Totally Normal! Here’s Why!

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by Conscious Reminder

As you grow up, experience new things, you might undergo a change in your preference of the special one.

It can be slow or it can be an epiphany, with fireworks and everything. For some people it can be quite nerve-wrecking. Well the first step is to realize that the change is normal, there’s nothing wrong about it.


With growth and development, we are exposed to several new things that can change our likes and preferences- ranging from food and clothing to sexual orientation.

Sexual identity

There can be sudden changes in sexual identity which may be really confusing, but it can occur without outside influence.


Change is the only constant so these changes you might experience are absolutely okay and normal. Your choices and desires matter and are respected.

The spectrum

Every orientation falls under a spectrum, which is fluid. You don’t have to stick to a certain identity all your life if you don’t want to. Many people fall under several categories at varying percentages.

Lisa Diamond

Psychology professor and author of the book Sexual Fluidity, Lisa Diamond conducted a decade long research on 80 women who weren’t heterosexual initially. The research showed that most of them had been with a man at least once even though they were lesbians before.


Psychologist Dr. Jennelle said that not adhering to a particular label after a while might lead to internal conflict and so it’s okay to feel that way and not stick to labels.


If you feel attracted towards someone who is not exactly your type, don’t be afraid. Try to find out what about them appeals to you.


Try to analyze what you like and what you want from a relationship or a certain someone. Know yourself better and accept who you are.


Find out what attracts you in a person and makes your heart warm.

Gender preference

Your sexual preferences can change from straight to gay or vice versa or anything in between and that’s okay.


Change in sexuality is normal and can happen with anybody.


Women experience change in sexuality more than men as they get older because it is more socially accepted.


Depending on circumstances, such changes may lead to confusion and conflicts in their personal lives.


Although scientifically proved, coming to terms with these changes might need therapy for some who feel guilty for something that’s not under their control.


Support and comfort can do wonders for mental health and so always be encouraging to others and be by their side.

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