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How Does An Emotionally Intelligent Person Handle Anger?

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by Conscious Reminder

To be invested emotionally means to be emotionally smart, intelligent. And while we have all been adjudicating a person’s intellect by the amount of time it takes them to solve a problem, we have always neglected to look at the emotional side of things.

An emotionally intelligent person is an asset to society because they can fully comprehend the range of their emotions. They have no trouble balancing their emotions either.

Here’s how emotionally smart people deal with anger.


They are aware of the fact that they are angry. They have various nodes in their CNS (Central Nervous System) that allow them to successfully bifurcate the present emotions and the general state of being. This means that they can isolate the part being angry, think about it from a carefully unbiased view, and not give into it. They know that these emotions are alien to them and shouldn’t be entertained.

Knowledge About Misplaced Blame

They know when someone is blamed for something they had no part in. When people get angry, they tend to lash out at the first person they find. But, an emotionally intelligent person would never last out at anyone who isn’t a part of the entire debacle.


A person with emotional intelligence knows every emotion that they are capable of feeling. So when they feel something harsh coming their way, they know what to do in order to give in to them. In fact, they try to understand why exactly they are getting so worked up about and finally, lose that emotion altogether.


Most of the ruckus that is created is because people don’t know how to communicate. An emotionally intelligent person knows how to communicate efficiently and put their point across. It all depends on delivery, putting behind some emotion behind their words.


A person with high emotional intelligence is always compassionate. For, they know that every action is catapulted with some emotion behind it. And while most wouldn’t want to associate with that, the emotion is rationalized. So, every retort out of anger can be negated, when the person simply tries to look at the other person through compassion.

Emotional intelligence isn’t a weakness. It is what makes good humans great. Being able to not give in to temptation, and actually channelize their anger in a completely positive way, is one of the greatest challenges that subdues a lot of humans.

It requires a Herculean will if nothing else.

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