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3 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Energy Vampires For Good

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are energy vampires and toxic people that feed off of our energy on a regular basis.

All of us have one or more such ‘friends’ in life that looks like doing everything that is in his or her hands in order to drain our energies, which we share without expecting something in return. It is not that we are supposed to expect something, but we all know the feeling when we cannot take it anymore.

If it was awkward for us to break every connection we had with them, and continue living the life that we deserve, now it will be the right time to do that. But, this will not happen magically. There is a lot of work to do.

These are the three powerful and simple ways which will help us finally remove those energy vampires from our lives:

1. Learn to say NO

Saying NO does not hurt as we may think that it does. It will hurt more when we do something that we don’t desire to do. It will deplete our energy, eat away our precious time, and throw us down into low energy vibrations, simply because we haven’t protected ourselves.

The word NO will be valid as the word YES, so we have to practice it accordingly. That will be if we want to live a really happy life. When someone decides to stop the friendship with us, as we said NO to a person, then we would be better off if he or she is not in our life. This shows their will of usurping our personal space and choices.

We should say NO to individuals pleasing, and also say YES when it comes to being true to ourselves more accurately.

2. It would always be good to spend some time alone.

Alone does not mean lonely. Understanding the crucial difference between these two would be something which is going to liberate us from compulsive socializing that will not lead to personal pleasure. So, that is why it is really significant to spend some time alone and dedicate our energy only to ourselves.

This time spent in solitude is going to help us gain better insight about everything we were through, and we are going to regain better control over the people that influence us – we will become our own influencer.

In this way, we are going to be more able to escape from the energy vampires’ toxic influence, or of similar undesired psychopaths.

3. Look into our past for new lessons, and not for bitterness.

We usually tend to look into our past for wrong reasons, so we often learn wrong ‘lessons.’ We do not want to be hateful and bitter as of individual experiences with people who are negative.

Every person in our life is here in order to teach us valuable lessons, while energy vampires simply serve to make us learn how to be ourselves more, or how we can resist external influences when we should be ourselves.

We should stick to our present and also accept everything that will come on our way in our future.

The life that will live is only ours, and the choices we make are also only ours; however, we should ensure that they will not be influenced negatively by the choices of someone else and that we don’t have a reason to regret when something goes bad.

art by Agnes Cecile 

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