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Tonight Is One Of The Best Full Moons In 2019 — Get Ready For A Fresh Burst Of Energy!

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Stop for a minute and take a deep breath. Take a moment to sit back and reflect on your life. Feel into how far you have traveled until now.

Feel into all the painful moments and witness how they have softened you. Also, witness how they have transformed you into a stronger person.

However, after a long journey of traveling within and after a long journey of sitting in the dark, as well as sitting in pain, the light is now emerging. Finally, this is the time to blossom which came after a long journey through the depths of the soul.

The Full Moon in August, will fall on the 15th and it is going to bring with it a fresh burst of creative, as well as romantic energy. It is actually one of the best Full Moons in this year, and it is an indication of a new opening, a new gateway or energy which we are all going to enjoy.

After the intensity of many planets being in retrograde, now we are being given a breath of fresh air. Now, we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, and we will feel rewarded for wherever we have landed.

We were forced to accelerate our growth and development. The Universe had to push us, and it also had to bring events, as well as circumstances into our lives which were going to force us to notice the truth, and feel what was really inside the depths of our hearts and souls.

As we look at the horizon of this new world before us, we may feel a bit uncomfortable. We may also resist the changes which have happened, but with the help of this Full Moon in Aquarius, we will get a burst of confidence, we will get a burst of knowing.

Deep in our hearts, we will know that this is the best and truest path for us and where we have to be at the moment. Also, we will know that right where we stand is perfect.

Under the energy of this Full Moon, we will have the ability to look out at the new path which is in front of us, as well as feel excited for the journeys which are destined to come. We will also feel stronger and more aligned with ourselves.

Life is always twisting and turning, but it is also cosmic alignments and moments like these which remind us why we are here, and this is all for. Life is not to break us down or hurt us. Every one of us is here to grow, learn and have an adventure.

Our timeless souls know what the truth is. They know that this is a temporary move, a temporary script which we all get to act out together. And, when it is all done, all over, we are going to return to our true nature, true home, and laugh about how wonderful it was, the friends that we have made, as well as the memories which we had.

Also, we will cherish a hard time, and know that it was in these times when we did the most learning and growing in our life.

The message that this Full Moon carries is to celebrate yourself and the journey. You have traveled so far, and now you have to honor yourself, be gentle with yourself, as well as love yourself.

This Full Moon is also the excellent time to take a break, as well as to hug yourself and to congratulate yourself for everything you have done.

Know that you are perfect, beautiful and the life you have created is amazing. You deserve it all. And what is most important, you deserve your own love and affection.

The Full Moon in this month is radiant, it is a beacon of hope, and it is a pure, as well as true light in the dark. It is also protective, magical, as well as a reminder which says that you are stronger than you have ever imagined.

So, carry a little reminder of this power with you even after the full moon with this beautiful Full Moon Ring.

Now, you are wiser, wiser for the road that you have traveled. Just like the Moon, you are even more magnificent and radiant than you were before.

So, you should stand under the light of this Full Moon, and bathe under it. Also, charge your crystals under the light of this Moon, as you will want to soak up these harmonious vibes, as well as enjoy them for as long as you can. 

The moon is our loyal companion. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments. Let the relaxing glow of the 3D Magical Moon Light Lamp bring you peace and comfort every single night.

This Full Moon is a rare treat. It is a beautiful melody of energy which is going to love you, hold you and remind you that no matter what, you got this. Remember, you got this! 

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