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Are There People Around You Who Never Get Angry? They All Follow This One Life-changing Rule

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you know a person who always has the best possible answer, delivered in the best possible way, in every situation, even in the most emotional ones?

There is a big chance that this person possesses a high level of emotional intelligence, something that allows them to recognize and rule their own emotions but also the emotions of the people around us.

Emotionally intelligent people stay calm even in the most difficult situations and this is why the relationships they have with people are always harmonious. This is one of the techniques that people with high EQ usually use.

When you find yourself in a situation that provokes an emotional reaction, give yourself 24 hours before speaking your mind or making any decision. When you’re under pressure, your nervous system is acting wild and your body is flooded adrenalin, cortisol and other chemicals which are preventing you from thinking rationally.

Emotionally intelligent people know that time is a valuable tool for resolving problems.

Taking your time to go through emotions and see the bigger picture stops you from getting out of control, showing frustration, anger or remorse. The first instinctive reaction you get regarding a situation wears off in a few hours, an after the initial effect is gone you can assess the situation with a cool and clear head.

This kind of approach protects your most valuable relationships from any unnecessary crises. By keeping distance from the person who hurt you, you are showing respect towards your and their emotions and the difficulty of the situation.

So, next time, when someone disturbs you simply take a step back for the next 24 hours. If it’s possible, try thinking about something else, something that makes you feel comfortable. This will calm you down and leave you enough space to think of a rational response in whatever situation.

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