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Shooting Stars & Incredible Full Moon Are Lighting Up The Sky This Weekend

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by Conscious Reminder

Last night, the winter solstice marked the shortest day and longest night of the year, which may sound all doom and gloom right off the bat – but don’t be so quick on your feet judging, because it’s actually set to be one hell of a weekend.

Everything happens because of the moon – it will be a Full Moon. Now, you probably think to yourself that every one of us has seen such lunar cycle before. However, during this one, there is going to be a meteor shower too, the one called Ursid.

According to our Sun, this yearly shower will happen as debris coming from the Comet 8P Tuttle, hitting the atmosphere, as well as sparking more than 5 or 10 shooting stars in one hour. It actually means that when you don’t succeed in seeing one, you are doing something wrong.

Moreover, you will have a lot of time as the Sun will set at 3.53pm, and that is quite enough for prompting a groan from every one of us – however, you know, it is about shooting stars, so it is still a win.

Also, if you have some plans to look out for several shooting stars, the best place in which you can do that will be some dark place, far away from the city lights. If you do that after midnight, you will have better chances.

The good news about all this is that you will not need any binoculars which you keep in your attic as experts said that it is much easier to see shooting stars, as well as meteors with your naked eye as they are going to move fast.

You will also have to not stare in your phone before you go to see the shooting stars, as your eyes will have to adjust themselves to darkness.

Another thing which you should remember is to wrap up – besides everything, now is the cold month of December.

This seems like we are in for a treat, but, not every person was so thrilled by the news about this period. There was one person that posted something on social media, saying that he would like to stay up and also watch all that, but there is no doubt that it will not occur.

Also, there was another one who tried to mute all this fun, pointing out that the place he lives in the UK and the only things which they are going to see is rain and clouds.

However, that comment led to another one, saying that the appearance of the Ursid meteor shower which is going to happen in the evening or predawn, and also the Full Moon on Saturday will be a time for him to attempt to see something, or anything if the weather permits that.

So, why is everybody so negative? There are a many of us who cannot even wait for this to happen.

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