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Astro Forecast For April 2019: Feel The Breath Of Fresh Air

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by Conscious Reminder

Life progresses at a steady pace and all we can do as mere mortals is to make the best out of what we are provided with.

In this context, time is a very valuable asset that all of us should learn to make good use of. But did you know that the energy of the cosmos can be a very helpful factor too?

We have almost lived the first three months of this year and April is nearly upon us. So buckle up as we will all experience a surge of changes. We will feel rejuvenated and open our minds to new ideas. We will feel that our lives have just taken a fresh turn for the best!

The very first week of the month of April is a magnificent time filled with positivity and opportunities to commence new beginnings. In fact, April is the time when the Aries New Moon occurs, so it is vital to make good use of all the abundance that April offers.

April 5th is the day when the Aries New Moon falls. Setting goals, manifesting your ideas and tapping into profusion should be undertaken during this powerful period. This period is also great for putting thought into the energy that you feel should be in your life, as well as what you would like to manifest for the year ahead of you.

Make sure that you think about your goals clearly and uplift your vibrational frequency to attune with positive energy and broaden your horizons. All these will be beneficial to attain and construct the best things that you wish for.

In addition to these benefits, this period of time is also ideal to make sure that your finances are in order. Save up for that vacation you’ve been dreaming about or save up for that home that you’ve always wanted. Now is the time to try tapping into the abundant energy that the Universe presents to you.

Attracting money in itself is a state of mind. It certainly is ideal in taking a legitimate and practical approach to consolidate as well as manage your money. But stepping out of the mindset of scarcity can be an important step in order to live a better life.

During the course of this month, be mindful about the thoughts that your brain has about money. Put your best foot forward to change the fear of never amassing enough and transform your mind to have gratitude for what you have.

Also, in the month of April, a few outer planets turn retrograde. These, in general, do not come to our notice much as they have the tendency to move slowly. It is also to be noted that they work specifically on the subconscious level. Hence, unless we are legitimately tuned in, it isn’t common to see the effects.

These cosmic bodies will stay in retrograde for the coming months. Given the fact that we are likely to experience the effects directly, there are several things working in the background for a giant cosmic performance in the year of 2020.

Giant leaps are in order for 2020 with these planets in the background moving into alignment in order to make all things fall where they belong.

This energy change is going to make us feel as if we are also readying ourselves to begin something new. The planets will lend cosmic energy to slow down, with us having to revisit specific things as well as issues which need to be put to rest.

Another important cosmic event is the Libra Full Moon on April 19th. This moon will generate heated tension around you. So it is ideal to take a pause and think before uttering anything. Especially in the time of dealing with the people that are close to you, as well as your partner.

During Full Moons, there is good clarity surrounding things. So, in case there are issues that need addressing in your relationships, this is the ideal time to resolve those.

A day succeeding the Full Moon of April 20th, we are in Taurus Season. With this event, it is going to change the fiery Aries Season energy and assist us in grounding ourselves. Make good use of this grounding Taurus energy in order to rejuvenate and relax. 

The concluding important cosmic event for the month of April is occurring on the 22nd. This is when the two cosmic bodies of Uranus and the Sun meet.

With the alignment of the Sun and Uranus for this time period, the Sun shall absorb insight and wisdom and as a result, bathe us in the knowledge that it has gained.

Conclusively, the month of April is full of manifesting opportunities, healing, as well as becoming more watchful of the direction that we are pushing ourselves in. It is also ideal to take a step back and see what kinds of people surround us.

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