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Before You Date One, Here Are 5 Things To Know About Old Souls

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I’ve been called an old soul many times throughout my life. Eventually, I stopped worrying about what exactly that meant, and started learning why people say that about me through my experiences with others. I learned most about what makes me an old soul through my romantic relationships and how I interact with the people in my life who mean the most to me at the time.

I learned that being an old soul is awesome, really. Not only do we make it easy for people to be attracted to us, but we also make it easy for people to be in a serious relationship with us as well. Here are five important things to know when you’re dating an old soul.

1. A Relationship with an Old Soul is Simple

The simplest things in life capture us as old souls.

We don’t care about the extravagant lifestyles that some people want to live, we don’t care about how much money you have, and we don’t care about going out to a fancy dinner every night, we just want you around. What’s important to us is the time we have to spend with our partners, not how we spend that time. If you’re around, that’s good enough for us.

2. We Need Alone Time

This can turn people off sometimes, but it really has nothing to with anyone but ourselves. Old souls understand the importance of self-reflection, which means that we may have to turn down a trip to the bar every now and again.

Our path in life is important to us, and we have to spend the necessary time to reflect on that path by ourselves. Don’t take our absence or desire to be alone personally, we’ll hang out next time.

3. Old Souls Are Romantics

If you’ve dated an old soul before, you already know we’re romantic.

Sure, relationships with us are simple, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a desire for romance. The thing is, romance isn’t difficult, it just takes some thought and some time. If you aren’t willing to put in the effort to be romantic, we’re going to think the reason why is that you just aren’t into it.

4. We’re All Dreamers

Most people only dream when they sleep, but we dream almost constantly. In school, we’re the students who are constantly being told to pay attention or to stop staring out the window.

Having a partner can help us get back to reality when we need to, but a partner worth staying with will understand that dreaming is a part of our lives; it’s what we do.

5. Our Approach to Life is Unorthodox

Old souls don’t have the typical outlook on life that most people do. This can be discouraging for people in our relationships, but the right partner will like that we view life as a canvas that has yet to be painted. We’re philosophical, with deep feelings about our existence, and what that means to the people around us is everything.

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