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The Power Of 11/11 And November Numerology: Manifest Your Deepest Desires & Dreams

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by Conscious Reminder

11th November is one of the most magical days of the year when manifestations work like a charm. 11 is considered a master number itself and truly holds extraordinary powers.

When the number appears twice on our calendars, the energy of the master number fuels our manifestations. The supportive powers of the Universe unite on this day to help you manifest your desires. Let’s get into the details of this magical day.

In Numerology, 1 is represented by The Magician. The Magician is known to use their spiritual and physical tools to manifest something from where there is absolutely nothing. With 11, The Magician’s manifesting powers are doubled, where dreams are quickly turned into reality.

If you keep noticing 11 all around you, it is a sign from the Universe that you are following your divine purpose.

11th November is a great day to conjure your grandest dreams that you want to make your reality. No dream is too big for this energy! Be it your dream house or the perfect partner, think about them from the bottom of the heart and release the energy. Let the Universe do the rest.

Even skeptics can turn into believers once they see The Magician’s work in action. It helps you seek the magic you have within and lets you work with your own skills.

Have an open mind, reconnect with your spiritual guides, and you too can manifest your dreams. The energy of the Twin Flame connection that comes with this day helps you continue on your soul path and call us to your true love.

:: 111 Angel Number

Light codes are activated by angels with the help of number sequences like 111. These light codes support our soul growth. Seeing 11:11 or 111 is your angel’s way of connecting with you. And on 11th November, this energy is amplified that encourages you to keep going.

11 is a gateway to higher realism, but don’t forget to call upon your guides before you start manifesting. Your guides can show you the tools you have within to manifest your desires. This is the time to connect with your inner magical powers and to share it with the world.

:: Manifesting On 11/11

Hermetic Principles and the Law of Attraction teach us that manifestation starts with our thoughts. What we think about is where our energy flows. Even when it is not 11/11, it is your thoughts that shape your reality. Don’t let negative thoughts consume you. And set intentions for the best results.

Before you think about manifestation, spare a thought for why you want to manifest a particular idea. You can sit for meditation and think about it. Look within and learn the reasons behind your desires. If you have that clarity, it helps the manifestation process.

When you are clear about your desires and have the full support of your angels, you will be ready to manifest. Ask yourself questions like how do you envision yourself in the future.

Who or what surrounds you? How will you feel when your deepest desires are manifested? The more you think about these, the easier it will be to turn them into your reality. Let every action of yours be a part of the manifestation process.

:: Twin Flame Energy

Representing the duality present in nature, 11 also rules Twin Flame relationships. Just like yin and yang, masculine and feminine, our soul too has a mirror, our Twin Flame. They reflect our good side as well as the parts we tend to keep secret.

If you still have not found your Twin Flame, you can use 11th November to manifest a connection with them. Call out to your Twin if you don’t have them by your side already. And if you do, use this day to make the bond stronger.

Working with the energy of 11/11 helps us find our soul path energy. Utilize this day of alignments to harvest positivity. Be thankful for the many gifts the Universe sends you and honor your guides. 11th November is a great day to communicate with the energies that be, but that does not mean you only keep asking more for yourself.

Show respect and gratitude, and the Universe will take care of you!

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