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Gear Up Because We Need Every Wayshower & Lightkeeper We Can Spare

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Now you can also be a part of a new system in a completely new way. You can be perceived as love as well as a beacon of innocence, respectability, divine regard and empathy like never before. You can illuminate the new systems that we have been working on for quite some time now.

Numerous are befuddled, vexed, crushed, are in dread and feel there are no expectations left and that there is an absence of motivation at this moment. They think that everything is lost. But that is not actually true. We have already started creating new systems in situ.

At present, hearts are opening massively. It is an ideal opportunity for every one of us to be an intrinsic constituent of this system that we are building. This system awaits the awakening of everyone and urges to contribute their share in building the foundation, imbibing unity and extending a helping hand. This enables an exemption from the past systems and surpasses the once exiting dearth of power.

At present there are numerous who are troubled. They can be comforted and helped by someone who can be their beacon, someone who can guide them and endow them with the power and enable them who are genuinely prepared to experience the magic that we encounter each day. It is essential to respect the sentiments that others have.

And it is to be borne in mind that it is not about empowering, it is about engaging others to have a knowledge that you already have for they also have it within themselves but are not aware of it. You can help them in discovering and realizing this knowledge.

In order to become an integral constituent of this system, it is necessary to get rid of the inherent detachment and to inculcate solidarity within. Those that are troubled have become blind to that which they are looking for and to do this they first need to unleash their souls. Their longing to have more gets amplified by their troubled present. Instead of living in a petrified state they should just focus on what they long for.

Edginess actuates motivation for some. This new system will enable the troubled souls to have new acknowledgements and wants. It is a clarion call for everybody to come together, look within themselves and acknowledge as to where the energy and money is being spent and what these actions might lead to.

Many people have choices and many think they don’t. This new system can also become a choice for some. This calls for the awakening of our souls and human facets from its slumber.

There are a lot of people who prefer to take their time to filter through their emotions and there are yet others who get eaten away by their egos. We strive to be forbearing, courteous and welcome everyone to this new place to wish for something worthwhile.

It is an essential step in the process of energy healing. We don’t have to persuade anybody regarding anything, energy or the incognizant realities does this work.

Now you do not get the chance to cover up anymore. You do not get to be unnoticeable. You shall illuminate and let your vitality and energy contact the hearts and souls of all those who are willing to make a transition from old to new realities.

The time has come when we must unite to create something new and rejuvenating. Unity is very powerful and it always leads to peace. We would like to urge you to look within your soul, kill everything that’s hateful, and fill it with love. You choose your own way, desires and experiences.

Use your energy, your inner vitality to the best of your ability. You have to realize your potential, and power and also have to re-center your energy. If you do this, your soul will never fail you, it will lead to a better end. The choice is yours. Do not feel lost, make a choice.

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