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Today Is April Fools’ Day: This Is How People Around The World Celebrate It

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by Conscious Reminder

In America, people are celebrating April Fools’ Day in a way that they pull foolish pranks on those they love, but no one really knows what’s the reason behind this way of pulling jokes.

Many of us do not really know why we are doing that. However, we do not need an excuse or reason to joke – the tradition itself is a reason enough. We may even be surprised when we learn that this particular day is for centuries present on our calendar. This is not only in America but in a lot of other countries in the world.

The celebrations of April Fools’ Day around the globe vary, but one specific thing on which we may all agree is that this day should not be taken too seriously. We want to say that there is actually nothing holy related to this holiday.

April Fools’ Day started during the 1500s. In fact, it began right after the Julian calendar was replaced with the Gregorian, and caused confusion.

Back then, New Year was celebrated on the 1st of April, and a lot of people laughed at those that forgot about the change and celebrated the New Year on a wrong date, and they called them “April Fools.” After that, this sense of humor spread across countries and generations.


In this country, April the 1st is called Le Poisson d’Avril, literally translated as “April fish” or “the fish of April.” In order to celebrate this day, French people eat chocolate figurines in the shape of fish, and also tape fishes made of paper on the backs of each other, yelling “Poisson d’Avril. We can’t tell why they do so, but it sounds delicious and fun.


Italian people celebrate this day just like the people in France. However, in Italy, this day is known as “Pesce d’Aprile,” meaning “April Fish.” If you travel to Italy on this specific day, you should expect the Western pranks or habits which Italy adopted from April Fools’ Day in America.


The people in the Netherlands are known for tricking one another by saying certain things such as “your car was stolen,” or “the classes were canceled” and a lot of other light-hearted jokes.


According to a legend, good pranks can turn the misfortune of a person into his or her good luck. This is what gives the Greeks more reasons for pulling off good pranks or merely avoid this holiday completely. Just like Americans, Greeks love good and false news hoax.


The Russians are not really interested in foolish pranks when the April Fools’ Day comes, but they are better focused on the real comedy. In order to make sure that Russians are guaranteed several good laughs, a lot of comedians scheduled shows for this day so that every person will be able to experience something quite funny.


Brazilians call this day the “Day of the Lie” or in Brazilian language, “Dia de mentira.” A lot of people believe that there is no a person that is going to believe anything which was said on this holiday, which literally contains “lie” as a word in its name, Brazilians are still successful in pulling off some serious jokes.


It is still not known how this tradition began, but in this country, and around the United Kingdom, people are playing jokes on one another before noon. This is their rule, and if we pull off a prank before lunchtime, it is a fair game. However, pranks later during the day and jokes as well, which are not revealed during the morning, aren’t approved.

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