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Astro Forecast: April Brings Order & Karmic Release Back Into Our Lives

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by Conscious Reminder

April comes with a lot of hope. There is a clear sign of purging that will take place this month. As we move forward, we will have more clarity about how life should turn out to be. We can take proper decisions and go through them without a problem.

As we purge ourselves and our surroundings, we will slowly become more aware of what is reality and what is just an illusion.

April is the month that is constantly preparing us for the Saturn or Pluto conjunction that will be taking place in Capricorn around 2020.

Both of them are meeting at the South Node in Capricorn in April. Pluto will go first and when it is moving over the point, it will represent the past and whatever we left behind.

It would almost seem like the earth below you is moving and there are some changes that are going to take place, especially in the top sections of the society.

The governments, corporations, religious institutions, sexual misconduct, societal rules, etc will be feeling its effect.

These areas are always undergoing some changes. They are tested all the time and some of them are broken. They are declining too and Pluto will be bringing the hint of this decline.

There are certain things that undergo cyclical changes. For example, authority seems to pass on from one generation to the generation next in line. It depends on the present generation to bring about any major changes as the elders are slowly retiring.

Cultural icons are starting to change so we really need to be careful about who we chose as our idols. The loss of cultural icons will be a painful affair – every major loss is. But it will bring about good change.

Face the new as it comes to you. You cannot hide from it forever. If you embrace the change, you will find that the changing energy is quite simple and not as painful as it might have seemed. When Pluto comes in conjunction with the South Node, there will be focus and priority in your life.

You have to use this purging and cleaning energy and make the most of it. It’s like cleaning up your closet or your basement. It is a difficult task and you find out that you have hoarded a lot of things.

Many of them may seem useless now, but you have attached a lot of sentimental value to them. But, however painful it might be, you have to let go and walk forward. You have to give yourself a new chance.

Pluto will bring about its intense energy during the first four days of this month. But it will only linger during April. Saturn will be lending its energy at the beginning of April 21st.

It wants to clean up all the useless garbage and bring about some order in everyone’s life. Changes present in structures, commitment, and responsibilities are all important during this period.

Remember that if you are acting on something, you will have a reaction to it. Saturn will put this into use. It will be rewarding for those who work hard and towards their goals.

It is going to bring karmic retribution in your life. He is also going to station retrograde during its conjunction on 28th April.

It’s like a message – you cannot hide from Saturn and its karmic retribution. It will bring back order and you can either be with it or be against it – it really doesn’t matter.

So, don’t get worried about what will happen. Something is taking place and you don’t have to rush it. It will show itself.

The energy changes of Pluto and Saturn will be tremendous. Be prepared to take it all in. It will be necessary.

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