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Your Virgo New Moon Horoscope In A Nutshell: This Is What To Expect

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by Conscious Reminder

Here is how the zodiacs will fare under the August Virgo New Moon.


You know all you need for your career to move at a progressively higher rate is just a few tweaks here and there. Goes without saying that fixing those tiny details would really help and shape the trajectory that your career is taking.


It doesn’t matter if no one appreciates you, for you need to follow your ambition and your creative drive. The more you let your art proclaim itself, the more you would be able to find a niche for yourself. If people don’t understand now, they will soon.


Even though your life is all about being in the open, your domestic life is what will set you apart for success. For this Virgo Moon, all you have to do is make your life as simple as you can, while keeping everything else intact.


You take your best decisions when you think with both your heart and the head. So the coming Virgo Moon is going to be perfect for you. It would highlight all the steps that you have missed while fixing them away.


Your ability to live simply amidst everything else is a gift in itself. Also, why not give something to the society that has given you everything? Make a resolution to spend and handle money and power with a lot more maturity, integrity, and humility.


After surviving, comes thriving. Since you have already learned how to survive, this is your chance to thrive. Make time for the things that you love, you deserve it.


Every original thought that you might have, need not be original. So before you leap on to a new train of thought, think if it is something that you have thought of and really want, or is it something that is internalized in your interaction with others.


Trusting no one is fine, but only if you want to live and die a lonely life. If you want friends, you have to let your guard down.


Pragmatism over idealism is fine. But how long are you going to make excuses for committing to something simply because you have real concerns about it? Take the leap this New Moon.


Don’t narrow and isolate yourself to such an extent. If you see opportunities to broaden your horizons, take them with both hands. It could be anything from education to travel.


You need to keep boundaries and maintain said boundaries. Whether it be physical or spiritual, you are entitled to your own space and no one should come in without your permission. In fact, you would be doing yourself a favor maintaining a boundary.


You have high standards and we are proud of you. A lot of people have a lot of bark, but you have the bite. And that is what’s missing from this world- enough people to speak; not enough to work for it. If these leads to you losing some people in your life, trust us, you are better off.

Have a safe New Virgo Moon ahead.

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