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How To Make Someone You Care About Get Back In Touch With You

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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, it is hard when a person you care about goes away from your life and then moves on to a new place.

Sometimes, that moving has reasonable reasons, and sometimes those reasons are entirely wrong, while sometimes, there will not be a reason – it simply happens, as a result of fate or bad fortune. However, if a person is not in your life right now, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not going to be soon. Most of the time, you are led to bringing such future even closer – or, to bring that person back in your life, as you simply miss him or her.

First of all, you will have to ask your spiritual guides and also yourself whether this is the best and right thing for you on your spiritual journey. Usually, people tend to leave your life as a result of karmic reason as they believe you still have to learn something without them being present in your life.

However, when you decide that you want a person to contact you, regardless of the reason, you can do several things about that:

Contact them the usual way

At the time you decide that it is going to be something positive to make contact with someone, the primary option you may try is to contact him or her by using conventional means.

However, that cannot be possible all the time. So, the most valid and best tools which you can use are the conventional tools for communication, so they are going to be exhausted before you ask for intervention by the Universe.

You should try calling that someone. If he or she rejects your calls, letters or emails, you can tell your mutual friend to ask him or her to communicate you. However, when nothing works, think of using non-conventional tools.

Ensure you are well-balanced

Before trying to contact them with spiritual means, you have to make sure you are open, healthy, activated, as well as balanced. You can achieve that with meditation.

When you reach out a person with whom you are emotionally connected, you have to concentrate on your heart chakra. So, it would be excellent to balance all your chakras, as taking shortcuts means missing the point.


So, when you have all your chakras balanced, and you also have a safe spiritual link with a person – maybe twin flame or soulmate too – there is also a telepathic connection between you two.

When it comes to this, pick some nice and quiet spot which will remind you of the one you want to establish contact with, and sit down, or you can also lie down. From this on, it is simply about thinking of that individual and concentrate on that.

Think of that person, of the memories you created together, or of all those good times you spent together. Any single thing which evokes powerful emotional reactions within you will more likely get the attention of that person, making them think of you. Also, at this point, they can feel the spiritual drive in order to make a contact with you too.

Ask your spirit guides

When everything else will fail, you should consult your spiritual guides and also ask them about the failure of everything you tried. They are probably going to tell you to work even harder. Also, they can say that it was not the appropriate time. You may not be prepared for that person, or he or she may not be ready for you.

You need to have in mind to heed your spirit guides, as well as the wisdom they share with you. Remember that certain things are simply not supposed to happen. Those that are expected to be, are surely going to happen.

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