Welcome To April — The Month Of Angels, Love, Healing & Protection!

The angel month, April is here!

April is our favorite month, and it is no surprise why. Every year, we dedicate the whole month of April to celebrating our amazing winged warriors of light.

For 30 full days, we are going to be sharing with you divine guidance and wisdom from your guardian angels so that you can welcome in more joy, as well as abundance and love than you thought possible.

What actually makes this month even more powerful is its numerology. April 2019 is a “7” Universal Month (4+2+0+1+9=16; 1+6=7), the number of higher wisdom, learning and spiritual evolution – all gifts your Angels’ offer you on a daily basis, if you know how to listen!

Angel month starts with a very special announcement on the 1st of April.

Meanwhile, we could not wait one more day to introduce you to the four most powerful Archangels of the Universe.

These celestial messengers are always around your corner, waiting in the wings to guide, as well as support you in the times you will need it the most.

But, how can you know when these divine beings are trying to reach you? Since their messages are subtle, as well as non-verbal, they can be tricky to decode.

That is why this quick video guide was created, in order to help you to spot the hidden signs that your Angels are leaving for you every day.

We recommend you to watch the short video below.

What Angel signs have you noticed?

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