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Can We Feel When Someone Is Thinking About Us?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

People’s minds have the capacity to do unbelievable things, and most of those things they still don’t understand completely.

One surprising thing that our mind is able to do would be telling us when someone thinks about us. Recognizing the feeling that someone thinks about us will be the single hurdle to deal in on the remarkable mental capacity.

So, what should we look for in our endeavors?

These are the signs which will show us who thinks about us:

Random blushing

We have all heard a phrase saying “My ears are burning.” This is an ancient saying which speaks the truth about the physical effects of actually being on the mind of someone else. A sudden blood rush to the ears and face is often a potent sign of certain emotion. If the emotion does not come for us, and we experience the blushing, we should know that it probably originates outside of us.

However, it also needs to be about us. Otherwise, what would be the reason for us experiencing anything like that? When we feel like our ears are on fire, or blushing happens without a particular reason, we should know that someone thinks about us. Maybe he or she thinks in the way which is going to make us blush if we saw his or her mind.

Sudden nerves and anxiety

Every one of us knows how it feels when we feel that someone watches over us, or thinks about us. Such feelings may be quite similar.

We will feel the same as when we feel that someone stares at us, even when we face the other way. We can even detect when a person thinks about us, regardless of the fact if they are near us or not.

The primary thing we have to do when we feel that someone stares at us would be to check if there is actually someone that stares at us. If there is not, the possibility that someone thinks about us instead is huge.

Silly grins and contentment

When someone that we like compliments us all of a sudden, and out of nowhere, we refer to “silly grin.” In fact, the feeling which accompanies it is quite similar to those feelings which we get when a person we like thinks about us.

Also, if this makes us happy, it has probably been an entirely positive thought.

Who thinks about us?

Detecting any of the signs from above, and having a couple of moments spare will give us the chance to try to feel who the person that thinks about us is.

First of all, we should find a secluded and quiet spot where we can meditate, still holding to the feelings which we just experienced. We should keep those feelings in our mind’s center as we transition to the meditative state.

When we are finally there, we can try to follow our telepathic connection. We should let our mind wander around our body, in order to see where the feelings seem actually to pull at us.

When we finally locate the source, we may go after the connection. We should allow the connection’s energy to flow all over us, permitting sounds and images to happen until one happens with certainty.

When the image is not clear, we should keep trying, at least one time during the day. However, if it is clear, we are certainly going to know who the person was. If we practice, we might even find out what the person was thinking.

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