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Spiritual Blindness & How To ‘Open Your Eyes’

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Believers vs. Non-believers 

This article is not about religious views and separation, so let’s step away from it for a second and see the bigger picture.

This is about believing in the Almighty Creator, the Power of the Universe, God…you are free to chose the name you want to use. This is about unity, not segregation.

In fact, this is important in order to understand what spiritual blindness is. Nowadays, spiritual blindness is quite a significant social problem.

Why social, you’d ask? Well, because people, nowadays, do many bad things in the name of spirituality, when actually they act under the flag of religion (which is a social concept).

When every one of us understand that spirituality is about love, acceptance, understanding and unity, there won’t be any wars, hunger, crimes, and hatred anymore.

When there are not spiritually blind individuals in the world tomorrow, Earth will become our new Heaven. Also, there is only going to be compassion, kindness, and love in the hearts of every one of us.

Spirituality comes from God; Religion comes from the people. We often confuse these two and that’s the biggest mistake. We think we kill in the name of God, but we kill in the name of other people. We are their mercenaries.

God is a creator, not a destroyer.

What does spiritual blindness mean?

In fact, spiritual blindness was defined as the condition in which we can’t see God. However, we are not talking about seeing with our physical eyes.

We are talking about recognizing God within ourselves. See It with our own heart.  Spiritual blindness means that we don’t have God in our hearts. 

Being spiritually blind will also prevent us from having some spiritual experiences. Some of them include:

  • They don’t have access to Divine wisdom;
  • Weak connection with Nature and Mother Earth
  • Not understanding the concept of Unconditional Love
  • Understanding and Interpreting Signs of the Universe
  • Lack of feeling of Oneness 

How to reverse spiritual blindness?

The cure for spiritual blindness is just one, and it actually is about letting God into your hearts and lives. Surrender to the power and wisdom of the Universe. 

This is not about not believing in science or completely cancelling your rationale.

This is about understanding that you will find God even in maths and physics. In formulas and reactions. This is about finding God in you. Because you are God.

Have faith and love yourself first. Because if you don’t love yourself, how can you love others, or expect them to love you back. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

When you have a more profound faith, spiritual blindness simply starts disappearing. Work on your faith, love, and gratitude. It’s the only way to open your ‘eyes’.

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