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Taurus Season Is Almost Here And Brings Structure Through Change

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by Conscious Reminder

April 20th marks the beginning of the Taurus season. This will be quite an important time, especially since the planet Uranus has entered Taurus too, its home sign.

Their combined energy will be gracing us all through this period. Taurus season is also quite significant because it signifies the first move that the Sun makes after the astrological new year.

As the Sun moved into Aries, it started the New Year and now, since it is moving out of Aries and entering Taurus, we begin a fresh cycle.

Taurus is the dependent Earth sign. If Aries season is the beginning – like the seed state, Taurus is the soil around it. It provides all the circumstances that will aid in the growth of the seed. It gives the seed a sense of security and comfort.

So, during the Taurus season, you will find comfort within and around you. Your insecurities will slowly drain and there will be a bit of safety inside you.

Taurus is associated with structure and order. If we embrace the energy of Taurus, we will end up having a much more disciplined life than usual.

Discipline has its own benefits. If we are to be guided on a specific path – we need to align ourselves in a disciplined manner. We are surrounded with many distractions and so, it falls on us to find out what is best and go forward with it.

When the Taurus energy enters our life, we will start to find physical support which will push our limits and help us grow. So, start observing everything around you and absorb the beauty. Find the right things that will help you to grow.

Get away from clutter and noise – anything that makes you feel guilty should not have a place in your life.

Once you have observed your surroundings, start looking inside. Explore yourself. Do you think you are healthy? Do you follow a balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated? Are you vibrant enough? All these are questions which require answers.

Choose wisely and you can start making a structure out of your life. Only with a proper structure can you direct your growth along a certain path. You can also add certain methods to aid your process.

Taurus is grounded and it is slow. Your methods will be slow too, but that’s okay – it makes you careful. Take your time to plan and then move ahead. When the Taurus season starts, you will start to feel a push and pull while you are creating your routine.

It’s a tension that you will feel because you are compelling yourself to move out of the old routine and enter the new one. It’s a change and as humans, we do not like change.

Actually, Taurus doesn’t change either, but the influence of Uranus brings about the change during this season. It remains active throughout the week of 22nd April.

Don’t be afraid of Uranus – learn what it has to say. Understand why change is necessary for you and stop resisting it.

Remember that the cosmos brings these contradictory forces together for a reason. Taurus stands for routine while Uranus is all for change. The balance that these two create helps us to remain grounded and structured even when we are spontaneous and creative.

By finding the right balance, we don’t end up being reckless and can take the right decision at the right time. This balance is about accepting the messages from the heart and the mind, and then moving on with it.

Achieving the right balance is never an easy thing to do. It might leave you frustrated. And that’s why Taurus season is here to help.

Infuse yourself with this energy – find the right change that can ground you. Enjoy the growth that you will go through. Best of luck!

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