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It’s Time To Evolve With Kundalini Reiki

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by Conscious Reminder

Reiki is the beautiful art of healing, and it looks like it works well enough in every variety, at least for the hands-on type of healing.

However, Reiki, which had the real purpose of being the system of self-development that promotes healing secondarily, needs to grow and evolve.

During the last century, Reiki became overcomplicated and bloated with a considerable number of symbols, systems of hands positions, complicated procedures, absurdly high fees, non-verified fairy tales, organizational intrigues, and politics, or outright nonsense of its origins, or even enough rules and principles to actually shame a particular religion.

Ole Gabrielsen, the student or Reiki Tummo and a musician from Denmark is the developer of Kundalini Reiki, changing this self-development and healing art entirely.

What, in fact, is Reiki?

Well, Reiki means “Universal life energy.” A person can access Reiki by “attunement.” At the time of attunement, various chakras or energy centers and channels will be strengthened or opened.

In this way, a person will access the energy, channeling it through his or her hands, and so on. Then, the person can “switch on” this energy, only by intention.

People also use Reiki on plants, animals, water, and so on. Moreover, with opening our Kundalini, we may accelerate the process of personal development drastically.

What, in fact, is Kundalini?

Kundalini actually means that specific chakras or healing channels were opened and that we succeeded in accessing the energy of the Earth. Our root chakra acts as the entering point for the energy of Kundalini.

This energy is called “The Kundalini Fire” too. This energy runs up through our body, and through the “major energy channel,” out of our crown chakra.

The energy channel then goes from our root chakra towards our crown chakra, which is placed on our head’s top. When Kundalini is opened, it means that after some time, there will be an entire chakra cleansing and cleansing of parts of our body or energy channels too.

The traditional paths toward Kundalini awakening can be difficult and dangerous. For those of us who have, or have had issues with Kundalini awakening which was wrong, or other issues with the energy of Kundalini, may most usually be helped by the attunements of Kundalini Reiki.

What does the Kundalini Reiki represent? How is it different from the traditional Reiki?

In fact, Kundalini Reiki utilizes Kundalini or Earth energy, and Reiki energy. Kundalini strengthens Reiki, while Reiki “tempers Kundalini, in that way making it entirely safe for use.

In fact, Kundalini Reiki does not use symbols, or complicated system consisted of sets of hand positions. Also, starting the flow of energy will be accomplished by intent.

Moreover, Kundalini Reiki will be passed on to a person in three different levels and each of those levels modifies the energy system of our bodies significantly.

During the level number two, a person is taught an everyday Kundalini Reiki Meditation, while in the third level, a lot of specific energies such as Birth Trauma Reiki, DNA Reiki, or others, are imparted, in order to heal specific energy conditions which a lot of individuals suffer from at a certain degree.

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