A Powerful Ritual To Harness The Energy Of The Aquarius New Moon

by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon that is happening on the 4th of February is going to be an optimistic moon and it will bring a lot of positivity into our lives.

But, to make full use of this positive energy it is best that we perform a kind of ritual. This will help us become one with the energy of the full moon and also help us get out of our comfort zone.

The Cosmos promises us great things. If only we can perform this ritual, we can find the future to be beautiful and full of promises.

It is best if you perform this ritual during the period between 4th of February and 11th of February, 2019.


One Candle
A Bowl full of water
Three pieces of paper and a pen
A favorite crystal of your own choice
Your favorite smudging tool

How to go about it?

1. First, smudge your surrounding and yourself with the method of your own choice. If you don’t like smoke, then cleanse by using singing bowls, bells, or any spray of essential oils. As you are cleansing your own aura, try to recite this mantra or make up your own:

“As I cleanse my aura, I’m releasing all the energy of my past. I’m free – I’m light. I’m cleansing all energies which were weighing me down. I’m free – I’m light. I’m cleansing all the obstacles that block anything that I’m receiving. I’m free – I’m light. I’m releasing anything that is making me heavier. I’m free – I’m light. Now, with the weight removed, I am who I am.”

As you are cleansing the room, say this mantra or make up your own one:

“Dear Angel/God/Cosmos, come and join your forces with me as I try to purify this place. Please cleanse all my pains away and release all the energies that do not serve me in a positive way. Make this space full of all kinds of affection and love. Make this space filled with joy. May you protect this space so that it is full of purpose, prosperity, and light. Now, it is protected and we are all one. Our work is complete. Thank you.”

2. Cool your mind and recharge your energy through mediation for about 10 minutes. As you are meditating, make sure that you are holding a crystal or keeping it somewhere nearby.

3. Light a candle and then keep your paper, pen, and water bowl near. Start by writing a wish on the first piece of paper. Go wild and write whatever you want to wish for. You can even make a list or write it like a story. Once done, fold the paper.

4. Pick up the next piece of paper and note down about five to ten promises that you want to make yourself. Try to visualize how you want your life to be with the help of these promises. Develop these promises as if they are actions which you can do. For example, if your wish is to lose weight, promise that you will go to the gym. Don’t fold this paper – leave it on one side.

5. Pick up the last piece of paper and note down about five to ten activities that you want to stop. Visualize the future and think of the actions that are not helping you in any way. Unless you stop it, you cannot grow. For instance, if you want a well-toned body, then you should stop having junk food.

6. Once all the above things have been written down on the third piece of paper, then start tearing it into long pieces. As you tear them slowly, recite a mantra similar to this or you can compose one as well:

“Dear Planets, please be my guide as I try to remove all the obstacles that block me and are not letting me receive what I wish to get. Please assist me and make me believe in myself and believe that I am perfect in the way I am and there is no need for me to judge myself for things which I have or do not have. Help me walk and go to the highest path where I will always have your support.”

7. Pick up the first strip and then put it on the flame of the candle. As the flame devours the paper, imagine that the universe is transforming them. Now, once the strip gets too hot, put it in the water bowl. Repeat the same procedure until you see all the strips getting burnt.

8. Once all of it is done, be grateful to the cosmos with a little thanks. Express it with all your heart.

9. Snuff the candle and throw the water and the papers outside or in your garden. If you are unable to throw it outside, then drain it down the sink and put the other papers in a recycling bin.

10. For the remaining two pieces of paper, pick up your chosen crystal and then put it on top of the papers. Keep it like that through the entire night. You can then put the folded paper on a safe place or an altar from where you can pick it up and read again later on. Hang the unfolded paper in a place from where you pass all the time and can read it, again and again, to remind you of the promises.

During this new moon, this ritual will make you a better person and help you grow. So, be lucky and enjoy the future.

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