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Science Gives Us 6 Reasons Why People Born In June Are Special

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by Conscious Reminder

June people have statistically speaking, often ended up achieving more than others. It is one of the better months to be born in too, given it is the time of the rainy season, when the Earth cools off herself too.

Speaking in terms of the zodiac too, June-born individuals are either Gemini or Cancer: the first one boasts of a decisiveness that is unheard of among other signs, while the latter of a stringent dedication that is rare to say the least.

As a result, statistics and science agree, June-born babies are always better than their counterparts born in other months.

Here are six reasons why:

1. The number of Nobel Prize winners

Born is June is staggering. Mohammed Yunus (Peace), Pearl S. Buck (Literature), Jean Paul Sartre (Literature), Viktor Franz Hess (Physics) to name a few.

It seems June-born individuals show certain characteristics that are not found in others. Things that make them imaginative and far more creative but also far more dedicated to a cause.

2. Hyper-thymic temperament

This is a positive, motivated and optimistic personality type that is normally found among June-born individuals. This is what makes them strive on and on, despite things seeming bleak for everyone else.

3. They are night owls

But aren’t particularly fatigued during the day either. This gives them a lot of time to think about the imaginative and creative aspects of their lives and existences.

As a result, they are productive for longer durations than others, which translates directly into what they achieve in life as compared to their mediocre peers.

4. They are given to mood swings

As all artistic personalities are. This is an indication of their deeply choreographed brain which makes them think about varied and quite distinctly different things in shorter spans of time.

5. They play it safe

Which makes their life choices the way to go. The risks they take are highly calculated and highly paying off gambles. As a result, they end up on the podium more often.

6. They are more likely to be taller

Than others. And physically and psychologically that is a trait we all would want to have.

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