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4 Signs That You’re Experiencing A Karmic Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, love may be really hard. There are just several people who doubt that. But, karmic relationships are love relationships which may be especially hard; still, they are one of those who is the most significant that we are ever going to have. 

Karmic relationships are those who are taking place with members of our soul group. In fact, these are souls who travel with us one lifetime after another.

When we meet a person that we are destined to share such relationship with, we may actually feel like we have known him or her forever. We may also believe that the person is actually the one that we are going to spend our whole life with.

Also, if we are intuitive, we may know that both of us are going to have a significant connection. But, a karmic relationship is often not going to last.

What is the aim of the so-called karmic relationships?

Relationships always have their purpose, regardless of their type. A karmic relationship actually exists to teach and heal us.

Usually, it shines some light on the wounds we have and even gives us the chance to heal those wounds finally. Unluckily, the process of healing may be quite painful, and such relationship usually involves pain.

Karmic relationships always cause us to evolve and grow. They usually happen between soulmates. However, this is not the soulmate that we are intended to spend our whole life with. Instead, it is the one with whom we make sacred contracts, in order to help one another to evolve.

Such relationships will push our own buttons, making us take a closer look at our fears and beliefs. Moreover, they are going to motivate us to make some changes in order to live the life which is in better alignment with the soul.

Karmic relationship signs.

At a certain point in life, every person is going to have a so-called karmic relationship. Some may even have two or more.

These are the four signs to pay attention to:

1. A karmic relationship is intense.

There are casual relationships, but this is not implied to a karmic relationship. In fact, with karmic relationships, we can feel like we are together by the law of attraction or by fate. Such relationships are intense, and we feel fated to participate in them. And, we are right. A karmic relationship is destined, and it is crucial for our evolution.

2. A karmic relationship does not last long.

A karmic relationship happens for a reason. That reason would be to bring some healing to our life. However, once the reason is fulfilled, this relationship will typically end.

3. A karmic relationship highlights our harmful patterns.

When we have relationship patterns which we have to break, karmic relationships are probably going to give us the chance to do so. We may think that we have dealt with some problem just to have it crop up once again through karmic relationships. But, this will be our chance to get rid of our bad habits and break those patterns for good.

4. A karmic relationship usually precedes the relationship that long-lasts.

Although a karmic relationship tends to be a painful one, there is good news about it. A karmic relationship will usually provide us with the chance to break some harmful patterns. After we do that, it will usually pave our way for achieving breakthroughs.

So, in many different cases, karmic relationships are taking place just before we meet the one that does become our forever person.

Every lesson we learn through our karmic relationships will usually be powerful and strong enough to lead us to a more fulfilling relationship, and the one we are destined to be in.

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