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Full Moon In Gemini On November 23rd: Don’t Be A Ticking Bomb

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by Conscious Reminder

On November 23rd 2018, the full moon will be at 00 Gemini in the Pleiades cluster. And it’s influenced by Mars. This means Temper will be ruling you this time. You might feel brave and strong but that’s exactly what’s going to make you reckless.

You might become violent too. The key would be forethought and a slow release of frustration. Try to control your emotions. It’s difficult but you would not want to do anything you’d regret later on, do you?

What does November Full Moon signify?

Any promise of the new moon will come to fulfilment this time around. The goals in November 7th New Moon will come to fruition this full moon. It will stay for 2 weeks until the next new Moon on December 7th.

This November, the planet positions are terrible. The moon is squaring Mars which makes your emotions messy and it will remain so for two weeks. Jupiter is in the opposition making it worse for self-controlling tactics. The Moon is on the same degree as Alcyone. If they sat well-connected, you could have expected affection and tranquility. But the Mars and Jupiter make that impossible! You are in for a rough ride.

What is the Full Moon bringing?

The Full moon will be squaring Mars – which means you can get explosive. Your temper will be on the edge, and that’ll make you reckless and cause you harm. We won’t suggest repression of anger though. Repression leads to more pain physically, with increased heartrates or aggressive tendencies towards self-harm. Don’t repress emotions.

The best way to handle your temper would be to release it slowly. In the end, remember it’s your emotions and you can rein it in if you try. Confront whatever makes you mad with courage. Don’t get overly defensive when it comes to sharing your feelings. If you keep up a level of emotional discomfort running through your mind, it will seep into your relationships too, especially with women.

The moon will be opposite to Jupiter too and that makes it more difficult for you. This planetary position suggests unwanted attention and lack of self-control. So, while your high emotions will be making you vulnerable, and you might open up, there’s a chance that you’ll have encounters with interfering mothers, or over-inquisitive people.

That’s not good for your emotional well-being at all. It’ll be especially difficult if you’re already struggling with issues of addiction. While you may not react to other people openly, you may end up taking up a negative practice which will only harm you in the long-run.

With Mars squaring Jupiter, you’ll have a boost in your courage and energy levels. But with your high temper levels, that’s not an advantage. While you may feel brave and sexy, this may lead you to rash encounters with adversities which could very well be avoided.

Being aggressive during this Full Moon period is a complete no-no. Don’t do anything on impulse. Make sure a lot of forethought goes into your actions. Putting in too much energy on useless encounters would just exhaust you mentally and physically.

When the Moon is in Pleiades

The main star of the Pleiades in Taurus constellation is the Fixed Star Alcyone. It bears a strong feminine influence attached to it and has been linked to homosexuality in men. If Pleiades is well-connected, it can make people ambitious and optimistic. It brings love and eminence with it.

Journeys can turn out enlightening or and there can be success in your business, but this will not only be your luck working for you, but your intelligence. The well-connected Pleiades helps to uplift people to a high position of glory. It promises a good state of mind too. Even if you have been afflicted, you can still be a good counsellor of another person who’s going through bereavement.

However, the full moon that is in conjunct with Alcyone is not connected well. This kind of planetary setting generally causes injuries and harm to sense organs. What does that signify? Unfortunately, it brings sorrow and tragedies. The constant bad news along with your temper will make you ruthless and perhaps promiscuous too. Hostility from outside and a fall from grace may make you violent.

Alcyone is in the natal chart of many famous celebrities. Rudy Giuliani and Nigel Farage has Venus, Elon Musk has Saturn, Woody Allen (MC), Justin Bieber (DC), Angelina Jolie (South Node and PoF) and Adele has Mercury.

So try to control your anger and introspect before acting. It’ll be difficult this time but I know you can come out of it just fine. Just make sure you put your forethought first.

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