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Ways To Activate Your Heart Chakra And Choose Love

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by Conscious Reminder

The closest element to actual magic is love. And, humans are fully in possession of this magic. The vibration of love can retain as well as heal our body along with this universe.

Love emerges from Anahata, also known as Heart Chakra. It is located above your heart and forms the core of your energy. This Heart Chakra helps us maintain a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Northern Hemisphere is experiencing summer and July is known to be the month of fruition, passion, and love. Our deep wounds are closely linked to our Heart Chakra and build a bridge between our lower and higher selves. This year, we must focus on our Heart Chakra and let love take over on a larger level.

Open your Heart Chakra in these 6 ways and choose to bestow and receive love more profoundly.

1: Aromatherapy 

This is a form of alchemy and art with herbs and scents and a soothing exercise of releasing intellectual abilities. This helps us in exploring our spiritual and sensual selves. The attraction power is released and communicated by scent.

Our pheromones interact with the various fragrances of what we wear and then attract friends, lovers, and energy. Essential oils of jasmine, rose, cacao, bergamot, cardamom, hawthorn berries, marjoram, lavender, and black spruce flavors are beneficial in achieving a loving and pure energy.

2: Power of Goddesses 

Our physical body is surrounded by chakras that are energy centers. These are similar to vortexes that get and send all information to Realm of spirits from Earth and the other way round. Some goddesses who can activate our Heart Chakra are:

a: Quan Yin– This Chinese Bodhisatva is the goddess of kindness, mercy, and compassion. She can open up the world with grace, empathy, and love.

b: Hera- She is the Greek goddess of women, marriage, childbirth, and family and symbolizes devotion and power. She demonstrates care and commitment towards ourselves and others.

c: Aine– This Irish goddess represents summer, sovereignty, and love and inspires hope. She can evoke good times and open our hearts to the world around us.

d: Venus– She is the goddess of beauty, art, and love. She emphasizes self-value and appreciation of ourselves more which makes it easier for us to love ourselves and others around us.

3: Crystal Healing 

Every chakra is associate with its unique color and every stone has its own healing power. Our Heart Chakra is related to pink and green and practicing healing rituals with some of these stones will heal our spirit, mind, and body.

Chrysoprase is a significant Heart Chakra stone that is associated with love and compassion. It brings us peace and heals many old wounds related to love.

Rhodochrosite is the Rose Stone that represents love and self-awareness.

Mangano calcite stimulates our Heart Chakra by releasing energy that is stuck. Since it is connected to Quan Yin, it promotes acceptance.

Pink tourmaline embodies most of the Divine Feminine qualities and has a wise, healing, nurturing, and intuitive energy. The heart is healed best with this crystal.

Rose quartz embodies the universal stone related to love and peace. This helps us to open our heart Chakra, remove negative energies, and reawaken trust.

4: Volunteering 

When we volunteer at animal rescues, nursing homes, or homeless shelters, we give and receive the purest form of love. Listening to our family and friends or helping out someone is also a great way of showing love.

5: Love Yourself 

Self-love is the best form of love. During this distressing pandemic, we must prioritize ourselves and spend alone time to recharge our spirit.

6: Exercise 

Devoting some time every day to exercise and fitness routine is perfectly aligned with our Heart Chakra. Maintaining a healthy body is directly related to a healthy mind and spirit.

Love is extremely powerful and limitless. It radiates joy and warmth across the world. This is the highest vibration and true love can raise consciousness all over the planet.

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