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The Connection Between Number 1122 And Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

Master numbers have more potential than other numbers. These are the numbers which when rooted require special emphasis on their existence. These numbers are 11, 22, 33 etc.

If you are one of those people who see these numbers a lot, then it might just mean that you are in for a treat. These numbers have symbolic meanings which remain hidden until you can understand them.

Angel Number 1122 is believed to mean alignment of your higher purpose on the physical world. The number 1122 is a high energy number representing the importance of your mission on Earth and the abilities you have to reach them.

The 1122 Twin Flame Combination

The number 1122 is the most charismatic of all. It almost carries an energetic blueprint which enlightens our lives. This contains the highest secrets of a spiritually enlightened path.

It helps us to find the deeper meanings and also the purpose that we need to serve in our lives. If you see this number a lot of times in your daily life then it means that you are well aligned with the purpose of your life.

You know your potential, your capabilities and the right path down the road. The number 1122 is the twin flames which are a part of the same soul.

The Master Number 11

The number 11 is very interesting. It is a prime number, an odd number and also the combination of two 1s. It represents enlightenment and the awakening of the inner soul. This is the moment when you should connect to your real self.

You can help yourself and as well as others in the process. You can brighten the twin flame and find your true love in the process.

The Master Number 22

The number 22 is an even number. This number is also a combination of two 2s. This represents your power to bond with people. It finds your deepest desires and brings them to light. This number helps to bring your twin flame closer.


The number 11 and 22 are both very enigmatic and 11:22 has the power of both the numbers. If you have not yet fulfilled all your dreams then you are yet to meet your twin flame.

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