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This Week, We Are In For One Of The Most Crucial Moments In The Astrology Of 2019

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As the planet Mercury is finally going to leave its retrograde, entering into its so-called shadow phase, it is also going to enter into the sign of Aries during the same period in which the Full Moon in Libra is going to take place on Friday.

In order to add more fuel to this proverbial fire, the planet Jupiter also went retrograde, which means that if we have many things on our mind, there are many energetic changes present in the air.

However, wait a minute, because there is something more. On the 15th of April, the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, vanity, sensual passions, and beauty, moved towards the retrograde of the planet Jupiter, at the angle which astrologers said was square.

This is going to have a lot of people asking themselves if their aspirations and goals are completely aligned with their values.

When everything comes down to it, we should ask ourselves the question: Do we truly want this particular life we work so hard and with so much effort for?

Moreover, as the retrograde of the planet, Mercury hit its official end on April the 16th, the planet enters the sign which is said to be of passion and action, while it leaves Pisces, the sign that is emotionally charged.

For a lot of us in this world, there will be something that we will leave behind which was actually surrounded by highly powerful emotions, and we will continue charging ahead, but where?

Whereas the Full Moon in Libra will urge us to actually leave everything that does not serve us any purpose anymore behind, we have to pay more attention to the way in which our own emotions are going to affect our skills for making decisions before we charge ahead easily and too quickly.

In fact, the moon is going to wax throughout this week unless it finally comes to Friday, leaving enough time for every one of us to just sit down, in order to reflect and to also ask our stars to guide us.

However, what our real needs and wants would be? We will be asked to take responsibility for our own lives, which is something wonderful. However, we should never lose sight of our true needs.

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