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5 ‘Love Games’ You Should Really Practice In Your Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

When dating, a lot of people are talking about how significant it is to never play certain games with potential lovers or partners.

However, games are sometimes an excellent way to make sure that we do not become really invested before we figure out if the person is our match or not.

Here, we are going to talk about some “games” which we may utilize to our advantage without even hurting the one that we date.

There are the things which are going to help us determine when will be an excellent idea to open up and maybe if we are being used.

The five “games” we have to “play” in our relationship:

Confidence game

We shouldn’t make the things appear like we are entirely lacking confidence. Our confidence, whether we have it in great amounts, or only in small, will be one of those things which will make us who we are.

We should hold our own and also know our worth, as we don’t have to go after someone that does not meet our standards.

Providing through game

Right before we decide to stay with someone, we should understand if everything he or she has told us is real or not.

We shouldn’t let a person feed us a story which sounds perfect just to discover that it is full of false things. We should not investigate, but pay better attention to the worlds and actions.

Taking things slow

Although it won’t feel like something very easy, we should not call that person our significant other so quickly.

We should take our time and ensure we go on a few dates or have a feel for that person before we move forward. We aren’t supposed to jump in a relationship, because it will end in heartbreak.

Withholding game

We are not supposed to open up entirely within the primary could dates. We have to feel free when it comes to talking about ourselves and everything that happens in our lives, but we should be reserved a little bit.

There is no necessity for the person to know all the insecurities and weaknesses we have. We are never supposed to risk giving details to someone that we are not sure of, as he or she could break or make us.

Waiting game

We are not supposed to jump in being physical with a person only because we believe that that will make him or her stay. We have to make him, or her wait in order to get that precious intimacy.

This will make him, or her feel a more profound connection and is going to show him or her that we aren’t willing to dive into their bed or the bed of anyone that will come our way. We should ensure that the person is not trying to hook us up if we aren’t interested in that matter too.

Although these do not sound like games, if treated like games, they can become quite easier to follow. We should ask ourselves how much of them do we ensure to practice when we date someone or do we have some plans to implement them in the near future?

If we would like to find a person that is going to be with us for all the appropriate reasons, we should remember these “games.”

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