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7 Signs Someone Is Trying To Manipulate You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all know very well that narcissists are masters of the art of manipulating everyone around them for their own purposes.

They don’t care that their methods are cruel and cause great harm to others. They are happy with the power they feel they have gained over others.

A renowned psychological expert, Dr. George K. Simon has narrowed in on three traits that are essential for those who wish to control other people – The ability to hide one’s tendency to resort to violence, the ability to analyze the personality of the other person and zero in on the strings that need to be pulled, and the ability to remain unfeeling even when the other person is suffering.

These are some of the signs that you are being manipulated:

1. They force you to tell about yourself first

They’ll pry out every single detail about your life and use it to their advantage. When you think someone’s interest in you isn’t right, don’t tell them anything about yourself.

2. They’ll overwhelm you with false superiority

Using their intelligence, they will bombard you with a vast amount of information and figures on topic you’re not very sure of. This is one method of exerting their influence over you.

3. They spread negativity

Narcissists have a tendency to be loud and ill mannered around the people they wish to manipulate. This is part of their strategy to overwhelm their victims so stay collected and ignore them.

4. Feeding on others’ insecurity

Insecure people are easy marks for narcissists. They will do their best to ensure that they play with their victim’s insecurities in both subtle and overt ways.

5. They’ll pretend to be innocent

They might be as sly as a fox but they will look like they are the very picture of innocence. Don’t just give in to their desires. Be sure of yourself.

6. They alter information

They’ll twist and turn the real facts of the matter at hand in whatever way serves their purposes. They’ll point fingers at other people when the consequences of their actions are revealed.

7. They pressurize others

They will keep pressuring their victims so that they’ll finally lash out and not make the right choices.

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