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Your Native American Zodiac Sign Will Help You Understand The Deeper Meaning Of Your Existence

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The mystery of the zodiac and its impact on humankind can not be easily explained scientifically even though it has been part of human’s lives for thousands of years.

The concept of zodiac originates in Babylonian astrology and in the course of time there have been different approaches developed.

This article focuses on the Native American approach which unlike Western approach uses birth animals to describe the personality. More precisely, this means that a particular animal is assigned to you at the time of your birth.

If you read on, you will get familiar with the 12 American Native symbols which may help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

1. THE OTTER (20th January –18th February )

The Otter is original individual who has their own way of perception. They may appear unusual but generally they are very imaginative and intelligent. They are reliable friends due to their sympathetic , loyal , sensitive and honest traits. They are attentive and full of understating and totally supportive. You can totally rely on them in tough times because they are true friends.

The color of the Otter is SILVER.
The best day of the Otter is SATURDAY.

2. THE WOLF (19th February –20th March )

The Wolf is considered to be the lover due to their highly passionate and emotional personality. They follow their heart and have the ability to spread love and generosity.

However, they fiercely guard their independence and love to be free. They do not want to be told what to do and avoid being tied down.

The color of the Wolf is BLUE-GREEN.
The best day of the Wolf is Thursday.

3. THE FALCON (21st March –19th April )

The Falcon is a born leader with sharp mind. They are powerful and crisis solvers. Blessed with natural judgment they always take initiative but are not compulsive or arrogant. They are also deeply passionate and maintain relationships over a long period of time.

The color of the Falcon is YELLOW or GREEN.
The best day of the Falcon is Tuesday.

4. THE BEAVER (20th April –20th May )

The Beaver possesses powerful force and can easily adopt and overcome any situation in order to have the job done. They show maximum competency when it comes to business as well as cunning and strategic approach. They can be also very flexible, helpful and witty.

Being compassionate, loyal and generous also depicts their true personality.

The color of the Beaver is YELLOW or BLUE.
The best day of the Beaver is Friday.

5. THE DEER (21st May –20th June )

The Deer has a sparkling personality. They are extremely witty, lively and entertaining. Their dry sense of humor in combination with their talkative character makes them a must have party accessory. However, sometimes they appear to be two-faced due to their lack of courage to face certain serious situations by running away.

The color of the Deer is YELLOW or BLUE.
The best day of the Deer is Wednesday.

6. THE WOODPECKER (21st June –21st July )

The Woodpecker possesses great nurturing qualities. They are supportive and understanding and as a result they make great friends and wonderful parents. They can be also very jealous and possessive but their dominant traits are caring and devoted persons.

The color of the Woodpecker is PINK.
The best day of the Woodpecker is Monday.

7. THE SALMON (22nd July –21st August )

The Salmon is amazingly energetic and enthusiastic. They are goal-striving and highly creative. They can be great motivators and due to their generous nature they make friends easily. As partners they are rather sensual and passionate.

The color of the Salmon is RED.
The best day of the Salmon is Saturday.

8. THE BEAR (22nd August –21st September )

The Bear is very practical and methodical. They are hard workers with enormous heart and selfless nature. They have tendency to be shy and modest which means they do not brag about their achievements. If you love them, then they will shower you with unconditional love and unselfishness. Exceptional character readers who detest being lied to. They can be excellent teachers, mentors or mediators due to their capacity for patience and temperance.

The color of the Bear is BROWN and PURPLE.
The best day of the Bear is Wednesday.

9. THE RAVEN ( September 22nd – October 21st )

The Raven is soft-spoken, romantic and easy-going. They are real charmers and patient partners. They are both idealistic and calculative and create a balanced and refreshing worldview. Due to their energetic, attractive and mysterious traits they can be good politicians.

The color of the Raven is BLUE OR BROWN.
The best day of the Raven is Friday.

10. THE SNAKE (22nd October –21st November )

The Snake is a spiritual leader extremely tied to the world of spirit. Due to this deep spiritual connection they may seem secretive and dark even frightening but on the other hand, they are very sensitive and caring. They shine in medical professions due to their healing capacities.

The color of the Snake is VIOLET or ORANGE.
The best day of the Snake is Tuesday.

11. THE OWL (22nd November –21st December )

The Owl is spontaneous and adventurous spirit. They easily adapt and are versatile and therefore, they can be successful in any field they choose to operate. They are natural, easy-going , friendly and warm persons. Due to their full-speed lifestyle they can be good conservationists, artists or teachers.

The color of the Owl is GOLD or BLACK.
The best day of the Owl is Thursday.

12. THE GOOSE (22nd December –19th January )

The Goose is highly competitive and goal-oriented. They possess ambitious nature and set challenges which they never fail to achieve. In relationship they are sensual, passionate and romantic. However, their determination can make them a bit obsessive and compulsive.

The color of the Goose is WHITE and SILVER.
The best day of the Goose is Saturday.

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