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Five Things That Might Go South Because Of Mercury Retrograde Season

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by Conscious Reminder

New term: Retrograde.

Definition: Astrologically, when a planet is on the retreat or when it moves in the direction opposite to what is expected, it is said to be in retrograde.

Mercury is the smallest planet of the solar system. It is called after Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, because it moves the fastest on its orbit. As a matter of fact, it makes a round of the Sun so fast, and so ahead of us that it appears to move in reverse during certain times of the year, i.e., it appears to be in retrograde motion. FYI, Mercury rules two houses of the Zodiac, Virgo and Gemini.

Retrograde motion makes a number of things difficult. This is because of the implicit changes it brings to the individuals’ lives.

These phases happen about three to four times a year, with Mercury, because compared to our year, which lasts 365.25 days, a year on Mercury lasts only 88 days. (A day on Mercury interestingly lasts 58 Earth days because of the Sun’s pull on it.)

These phases have a uniform effect on more or less all Zodiac signs. Mercury, as I stated earlier, is responsible for all forms of human communication. When it moves in retrograde motion, it makes human understanding of fellow human beings even more haphazard and difficult than usual. This makes things a bit more frustrating than they usually are.

Here are five specific things that might happen this summer thanks to Mercury’s retrograde motion:

1. Fatigue

With failing communication, comes failure to communicate with the parts of your own body too. Nerves will be on an all-time low and hence, your body might just stop doing your bidding at times. This is okay to be honest, as you will get an awful amount of rest. Do not over-stress during these times, primarily because it will be of no avail.

Kick back and relax and get the rest you deserve.

2. Technological glitches

Technology is, after all, nothing but a very fancy mode of communication. All we do at the end of the day is see what our fellows are thinking and doing. So, like every other thing dealing with communication, these too might just fail. What is also likely is you getting fidgety over communication glitches. You might not want to mail people you should, and if you do, for example, and they do not reply immediately, you might get anxious enough to lose sleep.

3. Face-to-face meetings

These would be painful to arrange, to carry out and to succeed. These are the things you have to be extra, extra careful about. Make sure you are sure about the people you meet, when you meet them, where you meet them, how you meet them and how you carry yourself. You have to be extra careful about things dealing with your career or your studies. These things might get messed up if you do not exercise your best senses.

4. Relationships past

Might just come in to haunt you. These might cause your current relationship to falter and even fall apart, if you do not exercise caution and prudence. These will be very difficult phases, but given you keep your head on your shoulders, you will be fine. Such retrogrades happen thrice or four times every year, and you get through them.

5. Ideas will be recycled

If you are into something artistic or remotely creative, this might happen: one, you will seem out of ideas totally. Second, you will get epiphanies of ideas, but will realise that these were ones you rejected long back. Do not worry, it is indeed a phase. You will get through this too.

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