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Meet Cassiel, The Angel Of Solitude

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Cassiel is an angel that has some other names, such as Casziel, Casiel, or Kafziel. This angel is best known as The Angel of Solitude, or The Angel of Tears.

According to some sources, it is described as an angel that “shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom.”

This angel belongs to the group of angels that rule Saturn and Saturday. He is said to be the chief of Saturday. The two other angels that rule over this particular day are Machatan and Archangel Uriel.

However, there are sources which also connect him with another day – Tuesday. It was said that he rules over this particular day together with Asasiel, and Sachiel, who is the chief of Thursday.

As we already mentioned, Cassiel is said to be the angel of tears. However, this title is also given to the Archangel Sandalphon. It is a powerful angel that lives in the Seventh Haven and rules heavenly places.

Moreover, he even rules The Order of Powers, considered the Prince or the Sarim of the Powers. This angel usually appears as one of temperature. Moreover, he is usually thought to be an angel of time.

In fact, The Angel of Time is best known in Tarot, as it is the fourteenth Tarot Card. This angle was said to be standing between heaven and earth, wearing a white robe, and having wings of flame, together with a golden halo surrounding his head.

One of his feet is on land, while the other one is on the sea, and the sun rises behind him, having the symbol of life and eternity, which is a circle, on the brow. The particular position in which this angel was depicted is usually associated with the genius of the time, known as Rempha.

Cassiel present in some ancient texts.

One Muslim philosopher, named Averroes, associated this angel with the planet Saturn. This is a quite popular association which can be found in a lot of ancient lore and texts.

He also appeared in The Book of Spirits and The Magus. In the two different books, we can actually find the celestial signature and sigil of the angel. Moreover, in the Picture Museum of Sorcery, located in Grillot, there is a book titled The Book Magic and Alchemy, and this book talks about Cassiel.

You can find the writings on page 113. The page is actually the reproduction of the page from a book titled The Book of spirits, which we already mentioned. Moreover, it describes Cassiel’s conjuration.

Kafziel or Cassiel?

The name Kafziel is actually one holy name of the angel. This name means “The Speed of God.” Kafziel is mostly considered the angel that governs the Kings’ death.

It is part of The Angels of Death too. According to the Geonic tradition, he also belongs to the group of the seven archangels.

He dominates over Saturn, and he is next to the archangel named Archangel Michael. He also rules the Moon, as per Jewish Magic and Superstition.

He even appears in The Zohar, and there he is described as the chief aid of Archangel Gabriel, also serving together with the angel Hizkiel. In fact, the scene occurs when Archangel Gabriel is bearing his standards in battle.

These days, this angel can be seen in TV series such as Supernatural. He even became popular because of this particular TV show.

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