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Today, Witness The Powerful New Moon In Virgo: Leave The Past Behind

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It has been a rather long and difficult summer so let’s welcome this Virgo New Moon with open minds and bigger hearts. It brings with it the ability to see, to understand the paths our lives have taken and a greater clarity when we look at everything we have experienced lately. 

The New Moon brings with it elements that a Virgo would desire – the ability to analyze and discern with an open mind, picking up the mistakes that can be improved upon, organizing our days and our lives in general. 

Now that all the messiness coupled with the blistering heat of the summer is over, the blessings of the New Moon will be a massive boost for all of us. Already very powerful, this New Moon is even more potent as it interacts with various other celestial bodies. 

Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, this is a time when you will feel grounded thanks to Mercury’s latest interaction with organized and methodical Saturn and the ever changing Uranus. Their connection only a couple days prior to the New Moon makes us more responsible with our knowledge, our interactions and our travels. We are able to perceive, with greater foresight all the possible effects of our actions and our initiatives and act accordingly. 

Previously, we could only sense the possibility of a transformation but now that the time has come, we find ourselves influenced, and injected with a purpose in our mind. It changes everything from the way we look at life to the way we discuss it. The feeling is akin to a person trying out spectacles for the first time and realizing they can see much clearer than they could before. 

Like a helping hand, Jupiter is now moving into Scorpio and expanding our horizons. The master of change, Pluto, is aligned with this New Moon and has begun purifying and rebuilding while bringing about a change in our thought processes and behaviour. 

However, the grand disruptor is also awaiting us on the other side. Neptune appears even more alluring and mysterious as his connection with Jupiter is fading in and out. A light mist hangs over us, full of dreams, fantasies and illusions. It causes doubts about what seems to be, and what it really is- the binary between reality, and illusion. We might stumble upon sparkling things but how well do we tell the difference between leprechaun gold and what’s really precious? For, “all that glitters isn’t gold.”

Here’s when we need the support of the other celestial bodies that are part of this New Moon. When precious things manifest into reality thanks to the connection between Jupiter and Neptune, and Mercury connecting with Saturn and Uranus, the veil will fall from our eyes and we will be able to see the truth. 

Therefore it is time that we began to put in some effort. Do this willingly so that it won’t fall apart in the end. Speak to others, look for answers to your questions and carefully analyze any new information you receive. You are on the cusp of a change but you need to make it happen. 

You’ll soon realize that you are taking the time to analyze, identify and experiment with new ways to understand why your location, and existence depends on each other. As we enter the Virgo New Moon, it will show us clearly what kind of paths we have chosen to take and whether they will be smooth or rough.

Soon, you will also realize that there’s no backing out now. You cannot go back to the past. Follow your instincts and step into the future. 

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