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Guided Meditation To Help Your Addiction Recovery

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of individuals worldwide suffer from problems such as addiction. Many of them decide to go to rehabilitation clinics. However, others decide to search for healing in modern age esoterics.

In order to heal various mental, physical, and emotional problems, meditation will be excellent, as it was proven to be one of the most effective methods. Hence, a lot of people decide to search for recovery and healing in mindfulness. 

Here, we will present you the guided meditation for addiction which uses mindfulness in order to bring recovery and healing.

For those of you that suffer from this problem, mindfulness is quite challenging to reach. However, when you finally succeed, you are going to see all of its benefits.

In fact, mindfulness is a state during which we have our mind clear. Our thoughts are also in harmony. And, we can experience some states in which cravings won’t be present.

During the period of detox, cravings would be the biggest reason for the relapse. This particular meditation is going to help you in mastering your needs and in controlling them.

How to practice guided meditation for addiction?

First of all, we should stay in some comfortable position. We can be in a position with our legs crossed, or we can take a chair too, as a lot of people usually fall asleep while they are meditating in lying position.

Hence, we should stay with our spine straight. Then, it will be time to start breathing and taking slow and long breaths. In the meantime, we should relax our body.

We can start from our toes, and then finish with our face, nose, cheeks, and eyes. When we are finally relaxed, we should stop controlling our breath. We should let our body breath as it wants to.

It will be time to enjoy and relax in the mindfulness. We should observe our breath, but don’t control it. We should also observe our body and the way it feels.

We should observe our thoughts and emotions, and never control them and even try to comprehend them, but simply notice them. After that, we should let those things go. We should keep our mind clear, without wondering away in our thoughts.

Our cravings are going to block us from mindfulness. However, this meditation will help us control those cravings.

In our first several sessions, those cravings are going to appear frequently as thoughts and emotions.

If we notice them or even release them, then they are gradually going to disappear, unless we are no longer going to feel them during mindfulness.

The potent guided meditation for addiction is going to help us reach recovery and healing through mindfulness. Moreover, it will help us control our own thoughts, and release negative mindset and cravings.

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