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Love Is In The Air With The Libra New Moon — This Is How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The social butterfly of Libra is spreading its wings and all of us will feel the vibe. It is time to prepare for new beginnings with the New Moon in Libra on 28th September. Romance is what this Moon will bless us with. —

Venus and Jupiter are planning to set up your romantic life if you’re single. The committed ones will enjoy new-found love and joy this weekend. Be in love or fantasize about it, the Libra season makes sure it is ALL ABOUT LOVE.

Here’s how your zodiac’s dating life will be affected by this Libra Moon:


Don’t lose all your senses just because you find them attractive! This Libra New Moon is telling you not to compromise when it comes to a potential partnership. Make sure your needs are not being completely ignored just to please the other. Your vision might not be the clearest now but try to move forward without going at a break-neck speed.


Can’t get out of work to make time for a date? That’s why the powers that be have planted your date just in your workspace! You have had your eyes on them for some time and even they are not shy anymore. So why not catch up with them after work? Things might get exciting and fun. Enjoy Libra’s social energy now.


Why hold yourself back when you have a great opportunity? Independence has been on your mind lately but the presence of both the Moon and the Sun in an air sign will push you towards partnership. As Venus is there to support you now, why not ask your crush out? The stars are rooting for you!


You have been out of sync and hence struggling with your relationships. Soak up Libra Moon’s energy to gain a new perspective and adjust your expectations accordingly. You are not essentially lowering your standards, just becoming more aligned with the current vibe. A new romantic opportunity is just around the corner.


This Moon might put you on edge when it comes to your relationship. So why not embrace Libras’s diplomacy to deal better with your issues? You need to be open and honest but choose your battles wisely. Kind words will help you survive this Libra Moon.


Unlike most other signs, your love is meant to channelize inwards during this Libra Moon. Commit to the self, and give yourself the attention and TLC you deserve. Forget the potential lovers and focus on the self this week. Don’t let Libra distract you from self-love now.


As the Moon shines its light on you,  just like Virgo, you too need to look inwards. Prioritize the self irrespective of your social side. Focus on your own desires and needs so that when the time comes, you’ll be ready for the potential ones.


You have been completely immersed in work for some time now. So this Libra Moon is a great time to take some time off work and listen to your inner self. Listen to what your emotional self tells you. The sooner you start taking care of yourself, the faster you’ll be ready to meet someone very exciting and fun!


The Libra Moon is being more than generous with you. Make the most of your social outings. Meet up old friends, party with the new ones. These friends will help you meet a potential lover if you’re single. The committed ones still ought to go out with friends, the fun energy will do you good!


You have been in a relationship with your job lately. But don’t worry, it will be bringing you some real love soon. Don’t shy away from any big projects now. They have the potential to introduce you to your dream partner now!


Single or not, you have been feeling suffocated in your space lately. This Libra Moon weekend is a great time for a small trip or just go out of town for a day. Don’t forget to take your SO along. You could also meet your next crush in an unknown place so move out!


This Libra New Moon can be draining for you so just sit back and relax. Your dates can wait for now, just stay in bed this weekend. If you must go out, stay lowkey. The best way to navigate this Libra Moon for the committed ones would be to spend time with your beloved, cuddling in bed.

This Libra Moon seems to have a lot of fun up its sleeves. Don’t be shy and enjoy the weekend. Love is truly in the air!

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