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Your July 2022 Horoscope Is Here: Expect An Eventful Summer

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by Conscious Reminder

Things start off in the holiday mood, on July 4th, but that does not mean the stars will be any less active.

Mars enters Taurus on that day which means the mood is all set for romance. On that day, Mercury also enters Cancer providing a further boost to love matters.

But this is by far only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s in store for the rest of the month. Read on to find out your zodiac’s horoscope for July 2022:


Unfortunately, the Vesta Retrograde can sour the mood a little bit. However, there’s no need to always be happy. At the same time, since Leo season will begin later on, expect your mood to perk up near the mid-way point.


The July 4th fireworks will seemingly all take off in the bedroom for you. However, July is not just about sex. Emotional conversations will challenge you to confront your flaws as you work on healthier communication. Fortunately, there will be loads of chances to practice self-care.


Past partners may try to stage a return, but let them stay in the past. Pallas, an asteroid associated with wisdom, will be residing in Gemini, so you will be able to see all perspectives of a situation. Also, you might find intimacy to be more comfortable.


Leo won’t arrive till the latter half, so for now, it’s still Cancer season. Regardless of your patriotic fervor, take July 4th as a chance to spend time off relaxing with friends. Later on, a Capricorn full moon will shift your entire attention toward the bedroom.


Happy birthday Leo! But Leo hardly ever needs reminding of that. You are the one who allows and pushes everyone toward their most glamorous self. July 4th might be a bit hectic, but make sure to eat the entire cake as you celebrate afterward.


Be ready for fireworks when it comes to sex and love life on July 4th because of Mars’ entry into Taurus. Even if a lover may feel deserving of all your time, spend a bit to get some sleep and care for yourself. Be wary of summertime sadness.


If work permits, take July 4th off. You deserve it and the day is ideal for romance, particularly for all who are single and searching. July will continue supporting love, however, remember to give some time to your support systems that are platonic.


July will provide you with the power to see other people’s perspectives and push spiritual growth. However, during the Chiron retrograde, you might be forced to process unresolved trauma, so have a stable support system ready for that time.


With Leo season boosting sociality, be ready to boast about your socializing skills during the month-end social events. Jupiter retrograde should not be too concerning. Be wary of emotionally keeping yourself away from loved ones to protect yourself.


An auspicious Capricorn Full Moon will take place this month. Expect an unresolved issue in romance to reach a resolution during that time. Furthermore, Mercury and Leo season’s influence is making you realize your worth as a professional.


Try to rest a bit early on in the month. July 4th will be busy for the stars and for the politically inclined. Your friends seek you out for knowledge. However, you can help your community the most only when you have a nourished personal month. Be wary of the full moon in Capricorn.


Juno, the asteroid associated with commitment, will retrograde in Pisces in July. This event and its combination with the Mars-Venus conjunction can make July an extremely memorable month when it comes to love.

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