7 Things To Have In Mind Before Entering A New Relationship

by Conscious Reminder

When everything goes well with the new romantic influence in your life, you usually jump into the pool of dating. But, you need to remember that you have to take into consideration several things before everything.

Usually, romantic relationships form without you taking something more than your emotions into consideration. And then, just like every impulsive endeavor does, they end.

Sadly enough, they actually end in pain and heartbreak, or sometimes even worse. In fact, when talking about heart matters, you like having romantic thoughts of gumdrops and rainbows; however, the truth actually is that people are sometimes heartless, and they can also be dangerous; they can simply ruin your life.

Although we believe that our partner is the one we should blame, we are really wrong. There are some things we have to stop doing as they are going to ruin our relationship.

Before we decide to jump in, we should remember that we first have to think better about these seven things:

1. Are we prepared?

Relationships usually required that we think better about someone else than ourselves. If we do not have the needed time to invest our time in someone else or we spend it on other pursuits, we are not prepared for the relationship too.

2. What our past relationships taught us that we can apply in this on?

To make our new relationship work, we have to practice meditation on something that affected our relationships from the past and keep moving forward in order not to repeat those mistakes. Otherwise, we are going to be destined to repeat them regularly.

3. What do we want from this?

Before we start dating the person, we should take into consideration who the person is and what he or she has to offer. We should see whether we share the same values or want identical things. If not, we should proceed but with caution.

4. Are we going to match schedules?

If there are conflicting schedules between us, which affect how much of our time we have the ability to invest in each other, it may also cause problems. This definitely has to be taken into consideration.

5. Do we share common grounds regarding the things we believe in?

Are our belief systems similar? If they aren’t when such subjects appear, and they are going to appear for sure, how are we going to handle it?

6. The mental health and criminal record of our partner.

Although we sometimes want to ignore the past of people and think everything best of all of them, it would definitely be better not to think in various cases. If they have too bad pasts, we cannot overlook them.

7. Think about the ways our partner treats others.

The way in which someone treats his or her mother, his or her neighbor or the waiter at some restaurant truly matters. If they tend to be unkind and cruel to other people, we can be almost sure that they are eventually going to treat us the same.

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