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The Good Thing About Parting Ways With Your Twin Flame

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by Conscious Reminder

Why do the relationships between twin flames need to end one day, and what helpful or good lessons could we learn from such a painful experience?

When we meet our twin flame one day, and when we begin a new relationship with him or her, it will feel like it is the highest levels of the human experience. However, the relationship will end, and our world will absolutely fall apart. When these traumatic things happen to us, one normal response would be questioning our faith, and also the scheme and grand design of things.

Actually, there are various stages in our lives during which we think to ourselves: what helpful or good lessons could we learn from such an experience? The lesson we can learn from the separation with our twin flame is powerful just like a successful relationship between twin flames.

A course in miracles

We are all aware of the fact that forgiveness in life is something really important. Several books talk on topics such as “A course in miracles,” or ACIM. What ACIM can teach us is that our forgiveness is actually our mechanism for releasing the hold on us of our ego. We also acknowledge that together, we are just one soul, meaning that when we don’t have forgiveness for one, we don’t have forgiveness for all.

This works in a way that we forgive the people around us and ourselves for the separation which caused us pain – the separation from experiences, people, desires, money, dreams, and hopes.

Our twin flame partner is us

Our twin flame partner is just part of our soul, and although solving the problems in our relationship, and coming together is important, every lesson from leaving our twin flame would be a lesson of also leaving our self or ego behind.

The relationships between twin flames are about accepting and loving ourselves entirely, as the complements and dualities our partner is going to express are going to be things which we see as our bad sides in various cases. We need to love and accept those bad parts so that we can reconcile and make our relationship work. However, when our relationship ends, the separation from our twin flame will allow us to experience and also release the self or go identity that we were holding onto.

The higher spiritual calling

When we think better about it, the existence of this mechanism makes good sense. The lightworkers on our planet have to live the lives which would make sure that they are free of worldly and material temptations, without falling into ego’s trap.

While the shift is intensifying, and the completely new order begins showing itself, we will need leaders that have mitigated ego, and who have also overcome every need of holding onto their selves and putting their needs first. Facing the separation with our twin flame can be considered a calling of the highest order.

The separation does not need to be long-term

Our separation from our twin flame doesn’t need to be long-lasting. Everything we need here would be the lesson – we have to surrender and accept, and simply let go. We should accept that everything is over and simply let those thoughts settle into our system.

If we already experienced the pain and loss deeply, then there is probably some global energy which moves around us. We have to remember that the energy of twin flames is the global energy too so that it would also be subject to everything that happens among the two of us, and not only our personal stuff.

So, for every person that separated from his or her twin flame in the past 2 to 6 months, and he or she feels the need to contact his or her twin flame partner, seeing the chances for reconciliation, he or she should do that for sure.

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