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August’s New And Full Moons: The Skies Speak Volumes

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by Conscious Reminder

The Last Eclipse And The Full Moon In Pisces- What The Skies Are Telling You

It has been a hot and happening month, astrologically speaking. Mercury has gone bonkers, moving backwards, and we have seen some once-in-a-lifetime eclipses, one of them being a Blood Moon.

The Leo Solar Eclipse

August 11 marks the last solar eclipse of the year. This eclipse will take place in the constellation of Leo. Since Leo stands for dignity, gratification but also of vital love, it is the best time to work on personal and romantic fronts.

A more-than-usual positive attitude is the key to everything you love. This eclipse will be giving you all the time and energy to think and reach conclusions with the help of it. It might also help you mend broken relationships and make the best of fresh starts.

At the same time, Leo is the constellation of pride and all things royal. This makes the individual, especially during the solar phenomena, tilt a bit on the stubborn side. This can cause issues in even the healthiest of relationships.

At the same time, it will make you far more social and gregarious. This might complicate things as Mercury’s retrograde might give your partner the wrong impression about you.

Aspects with Pluto and Jupiter

Adding to things are aspects of two other planets which are standing in conjunction with the eclipse in square formation: Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio.

All these imply nothing but different forms of interaction among energies. Mercury’s retrograde and these planetary aspects will make for very interesting regressions and make dealing with the past, a complex affair. There are possibilities that a fever of generosity may grip you and make you want to do things for the ones you love.

Jupiter, the king of the planets, is there to enhance the effects of whatever the eclipse brings with it. Pluto, the god of death, will make strife the matter at hand. Hence, prudence and caution should be your trump cards this month.

Full Moon at Pisces

The next astrologically significant event on the calendar is the full moon on the 26th of August, 2018. Full moons, like solar eclipses, are catalysts, bringing in energies to whichever constellation they grace.

The constellation of Pisces is hosting the moon this time. Pisces is the constellation of empathy and vital kindness. No wonder, Pisceans are water-ruled individuals, emotional in essence. They make decisions based on their “guts” and instinct.

The energies of the full moon are going to compound the tendency and put sentiments on fire. But you are bound to reserve your emotions to yourself, they are not for the world to see. This quietness the Full Moon brings, comes as a relief after the raging loud emotions triggered by Leo.

Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, this moon is all about endings and new beginnings. So the energies of this full moon which heralds a new lunar cycle will help bring in new change after putting the past behind, once and for all. The moon’s transit aspect with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus make things better, ushering in clarity on what we want.

Astrological phenomena like these promise to be emotional roller coasters, good or bad. So a bit of wishful thinking is always helpful when it comes to things like these.

Believe. Hope. Pray. Prosper.

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