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What Happens When The Mars Retrograde Ends

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by Conscious Reminder 

With Mars going direct on August 27th, just after the full moon in Pisces, and things will eventually start to fall into a routine.

Since Mars is a very powerful planet, it wasn’t surprising, that its going retrograde set a few things into complete stagnancy, which left us feeling frustrated.

While this is a planet that makes us realize our potential, this is also one planet, that will either make you, or break you.

Mars turning retrograde forces us to place things in focus, and look at it from a different perspective.

When Mars and Mercury go retrograde, it causes a lot of problems, for as humans, we have taken it upon ourselves to take things for granted, and these retrogrades, doesn’t allow that, at all.

With the Martian retrograde at the end of the matchstick, we have time to take a step back, and relax. Broaden your vision, to encompass everything that you can. Look into yourself, and identify the parts which needs to be worked upon.

This brief gap is all you will get in the upcoming months, to unwind, for the next months would be tumultuous, bringing forth great rewards, only if you allow the residual Martian energy, to help you ram through every obstacle and troubling thought to help you seek your road.

It is alright, to feel frustrated, irritated, or angry, with your present situation, but remember to never keep it inside yourself.

Any negative feeling that is inside you, needs to get out, for you to attain a cleansing, which would be imperative for you to strive for greater heights. Complacency, is the biggest enemy that you have to fight.

Now, is the time to look into yourself. Look where you stand. Look where the road leads to. As Robert Frost mentions, always take the road not taken, for that would take you to true success.

Keeping in mind, this tiny little tidbit, that the planets in motion have a deeper impact on your life, than you can fathom.

Let them give you the push that is needed, or else, you would fade into nothingness. Do you want that?

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