Aura Readings And How They Are Done

by Conscious Reminder

Simply said, the aura is something referring to the entire atmosphere around our bodies, the light around our heads, or the clear sense of our moods.

The aura is actually the field of energy, the life force which we may learn how to draw out, by merely practicing for some time. In the process of aura reading, the medium or psychic reads all the information from our aura.

In fact, the aura was said to be the place where information about our strengths or weaknesses, personality traits, how we communicate, what our talents and gifts are, or information about chronic or temporary illness are stored.

Although the aura looks different in different people, there is almost always a similarity between all the auras.

The saints from ancient times were portrayed with some yellow halos appearing around the heads; a thing from this kind has been seen in Hindu, Buddhist, and Egyptian gods.

Our aura was described as an energy layer in the shape of an egg, manifested as some fibrous yellow-white light. In fact, many psychics have the ability to see up to the third energy layer, as these layers are closest to our bodies.

The layers from the outside are actually tied to our spirit and soul, while the others are connected to our emotions, health, and mind.

How to do aura readings?

With the use of several simple steps, we would be able to perceive our aura. Before starting the exercise, we have to remember that we have to relax first. This exercise is suggested to be done on our bed, according to most experts.

We can also do it in other places where we feel at ease, and comfortable, preferably somewhere where isn’t too dark or too bright. We can best do aura reading in some place lit by a candle, or also the light coming from other rooms, seeping under our door.

While we lie on our bed, we should hold our hands out right before us. We should stare at our hands softly. We should focus our attention on our hands while we look at the wall before us simultaneously. We should slowly bring our fingertips toward one another, without touching.

Then, we can see our aura as red lines or fine blue at our fingertips’ ends. We should bring our hands together at the beginning, and after that separate them slowly, repeating the same process as we see how the light streams which connect our fingertips, grow brighter and pulsate with our energy.

We have to be patient because we can’t see the lights during when we try it for several times only. Moreover, we should take proper rest when we get tired, because aura reading can be futile when we are frustrated or tired.

The benefits related to learning more about the aura readings.

Being able to read the auras of other people will provide us with many benefits. For example, we can easily recognize someone’s mood based on the aura surrounding him or her.

Moreover, the aura was said to be an excellent indicator when it comes to the truthfulness and honesty of people.

When we know someone’s aura, it would be helpful in hiring employees, making some new friends, joining another school group, or choosing a mentor, priest, or a leader.

We can even identify different minor illnesses before the specific type of disease will manifest itself. Moreover, we can even learn how to heal ourselves using these techniques for aura readings. 

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