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The Obstacles That May Arise For Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

Finding our twin flames is one of the greatest desires of our lives. However, even after finding it, there can be some difficult obstacles.

These obstacles are troublesome enough to make it hard to navigate them. In fact, they can also cause depression. These are the most common ones and how you can make opportunities out of them.

A Married Or A Committed Twin Flame

This is perhaps the most common obstacle that twin flames face. It is an extremely delicate situation and can cause a lot of hurt to everyone involved. As such, it calls for extra caution and delicacy. At the same time, this situation has no easy answer.

The best thing you can do is avoid insisting on someone who is married, particularly if they have children already. Infidelity only results in heartbreak and pain. Moreover, there is no need for infidelity to get your enrichment from the Twin Flame.

Keep in mind that a friendship does not have any less worth than one of romance. However, try not to start something while harboring ulterior motives. It will be a selfish and harmful thing to do.

Try to accept that your Twin Flame relationship is not going to be what you wished for in this Realm. It can still be just as rewarding, different, and deep.

A Twin Flame With A Huge Age Difference

This one is not as challenging, in most places. However, in some cultures and societies, such relationships are disapproved of.

So you should be ready to face judgemental glances from those around you if you do progress on this path. Moreover, you cannot expect everyone to understand. However, it will be an awesome chance to practice self-knowledge.

A Twin Flame That Lives Far Away

Today, with the world being connected like never before, distance has become a more frequent problem. Overcoming physical distance still remains a big inconvenience. You can use teleconferencing apps to ease the homesickness a bit.

However, this problem becomes harder when there is no certain end date to the distance. The situation asks for great serenity for the people involved. You have to be sure that you can change your life so that there will be no distance between you and your twin flame.

Your Relationship Is Disapproved Of

Friends and family can disapprove of your relationship with your spiritual twin flame due to social expectations. This can cause a great amount of discomfort and pain. If you are certain that your partner is the twin flame then the external disapproval will not have good reasons, regardless of their intentions.

Of course, this does not imply that their impression is wrong. They can find it unwise given particular circumstances. As such, no warnings are invalid. However, at the same time, not everyone will understand your journey. So pay attention to these concerns and take them as how much you mean to them. At the end of the day, your decision is the most important.

Dealing With Obstacles Between Twin Flames

The best advice in such situations is to not see these obstacles. Rather take them as chances for growth. You will have to be creative, flexible, and adaptable to successfully navigate them. They can very well be stepping stones to something greater.

Use them to know more about the weaknesses and strengths that you have. Your distance from your partner can shorten as you grow through the obstacles.

Do not get slowed down by obstacles and let them weaken your belief in the connection you share with your partner. Rather, believe that everything will sort itself out.

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