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Are You Hearing Voices In Your Head: Medical Condition Or Clairaudience?

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by Conscious Reminder

There are people who possess natural clairaudience. When we hear some voices in our head when there is nobody around, we are probably a developing or an innate clairaudient. This could be our chance to develop our psychic abilities.

However, we need to be really careful when it comes to this type of phenomenon. Right before we declare ourselves as clairaudients, we have to find the place or source of every voice in our head.

We should be careful, as hearing voices may be psychosis.

First of all, we should be careful. Hearing some voices in our head could be the sign of a serious and dangerous mental illness. When we feel that this is probably the case, we have to visit our physician immediately.

We have to consult our therapist or physician before we move forward if we experience some of these symptoms:

  • Excessive anxiety;
  • Obsessive thoughts;
  • Fear-inducing or negative hallucinations;
  • Disconnection from our reality;
  • Depression.

When these voices tell us to do something that we believe is wrong, then we have to visit our doctor as soon as we can.

Beginner clairaudients usually hear some voices in their heads.

When, on the other hand, those voices which we hear are neutral, rational, and good, and don’t ask us to do something we don’t want, we probably discovered that we are clairaudients in a natural way.

All those voices that we hear could be random and simply appear in our head out of nowhere. Usually, this happens as we aren’t trained enough to deal with those voices properly. Accomplished clairaudients have their systems prepared to block these random sessions.

The meaning of clairaudience is ‘clear hearing,’ while the ones that practice it are called clairaudients, or better known as psychics because these abilities usually develop alongside one another.

What are the voices in our head?

We can hear two kinds of voices – external and internal. The internal voices usually sound as if they come from the inside of our mind. They could even mimic our “thinking voice.”

The external voices usually sound if as they come from elsewhere. Usually, for those of us who are beginner clairaudients, the voices will sound as if they originate out of our view, always behind us or around the corner.

It is impossible to understand and say who this voice is. We will need to work on that more, simply by developing our clairaudience abilities.

How to develop our clairaudience?

The clairaudience is everything about natural practice and talent. We can’t do anything more about it. However, it is important to practice clairaudience in the proper way.

The following time when we hear some voices in our head, we should stop everything that we do and focus on the voice. We should not attempt to follow these voices physically; we are never going to find them. Rather than that, we should close our eyes and then listen carefully.

Moreover, we should not attempt to respond; we should simply listen to the voices and learn. We should pay better attention to every single thing which crosses our mind – ideas, images, and thoughts.

When this experience is finally done, we should write down every single thing we could actually intuit about these voices. We can start with something simple – age, gender, mood, demeanor – with the time, we should attempt to intuit even more from these voices.

When we see that this works, we should not stop. There are a lot of ways in which we can develop our clairaudience abilities, which include listening exercises, psychic meditation, and journaling.

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