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The Power Of Strong Women Lies In So Much More Than Their Bodies

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Strong and independent women exist everywhere in the world.We have all sometimes stopped and observed a woman at the parking lot, post office, or waiting room, asserting herself.

We have all sometimes observed how a woman gets the behavior of her kids under control, and sometimes how she doesn’t. Perhaps, she realized that enough is enough and simply hauled them out of there. In fact, strong women definitely know when they should cut the losses.

Strong women usually look men directly in their eyes when they try to bring their women down, and make them feel like they are less than, only because they are females. When a man comes up to a woman and says to her “Hey, baby,” she will look at him and say “BACK UP.”

We can see women everywhere: at the pharmacy, gas station, gym, or another place, and they are strong in a million ways – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically.

When there is fear in the throat of strong women, they simply acknowledge it and move on. They lean into fear, and hate every minute, by press past it, however. They also know that when they don’t do what really scares them their lives will swallow them entire.

They chase their dreams and hustle the side gigs, and in between, they also chaise their children. Then, they leave their children at the day care center and go straight to their workplace.

Sometimes, strong women aren’t mothers, or they are single moms too, and although they feel exhausted, they keep going. They do that because they simply have to. These women bear some unimaginable burdens; however, their burdens don’t define them.

Usually, other people aren’t even aware of their struggles, as they don’t show and whine about their issues. They usually talk when there is a need to as expressing emotions is healthy.

Strong women will volunteer their free time, love, or energy, They are even the families’ backbone, smoothing their sweaty hair right off their foreheads, folding towels, and banding cuts, although everything they do sometimes feel like unnoticed.

Strong women represent the society’s foundation, as, without them, this society wouldn’t exist.

The difference between weak and strong women is that the strong ones are able to persevere right when other people would simply give up; their sheer and character’s depth will be the thing that is going to propel them forward.

Although the responsibilities they have seem small or great, they simply rock it. They are also the best possible friends as they simply know their true selves.

We will all sometimes want to be surrounded by women that are going to push us, and inspire us to do and be better, and that will encourage us to aim much higher. Life can sometimes be hard on these innocent creatures.

However, they will have to face their battles head high and head-on, shoulders back, together with their arms connected with their friends that may hold them up when they will be tired of battling.

With the help of others, they will slay.

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