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Are You Ready To Harness The Full Potential Of The Sirius Gateway?

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by Conscious Reminder

A sacred energy gateway activates in July’s first week every year. It connects Sirius, the star, and our planet. It brings spiritual advancements and heightened vibrations. The gateway forms when the Sun and Sirius conjunct.

This year the conjunction will reach its peak on July 4th-5th. At this time, this energy will be available for all of us to be used for heightening intuitions, technological innovations, entrepreneurial endeavors, and creative inspiration.

For Earth, the Sun is nothing less than its lifeline. The Sun’s energy represents light, birth, sustenance, and warmth. It is the source of our lives and presence on this planet. Sirius’ brightness is 23 times that of our Sun. Its other name is the “Spiritual Sun” and it helps in activating and shifting toward higher spiritual awareness levels. If our Sun is the warmth in our body then Sirius is the star that makes our souls warm.

The Historical Significance Of Sirius

Sirius is much farther from our planet than the Sun but several ancient cultures noted it as important. For ancient Egyptians, Sirius was believed to represent the Gods Anubis and Isis, both closely related to life and death.

According to ancient Shamanic texts, Sirius was thought to be a special portal with a direct connection to the Gods. As such, journeys through this portal were believed to convey Divine messages. It also thought of Sirius as the portal connecting this realm to heaven. As such, all souls would have to journey through this portal to exit the Earthly realms and reach the Beyond.

As such, for several ancient cultures, the star Sirius conveyed one common meaning – spiritual awakening. With that, it also seemed to be associated with the inevitable transformation cycles that take place throughout our Earthly lives and beyond.

Modern astrology believes Sirius’ vibrations to represent freedom. Its energy is beneficial in releasing limitations and liberating us to show our truest selves. This freedom energy can also be inspirational, as it helps us to step outside and take concrete steps to make our dreams and goals a reality.

A Potent Time For Spiritual Awakening

Modern astrology also believes Sirius to be the home of a race of aliens. They possess psychic abilities as well as unimaginably advanced innovations in technology. As such, during this gateway activation, many starseeds feel a special connection to Sirius. It might also become easier to hear the Sirian beings’ messages or recollect fragments of parallel or past lives in Sirius.

As such, July’s first week becomes a particularly potent period on Earth. This period is extremely beneficial for raising spiritual awareness, receiving Divine messages, as well as finding a fresh sense of freedom in our lives.

This period is also when we might find ourselves to be more accepting of connections with beings from a higher dimension. The Sirius portal can also see us honor our cycles of rebirth and death and the way they help us advance spiritually.

As such, to be completely prepared as well as harness the full extent of this spiritual energy, July’s first week will be the ideal time for meditation. Meditate and work on third eye activation, as you seek to reach and connect with your spiritual guides, higher self, or guidance self and ask them for guidance.

This period will also be a great time for aura cleansing work as well as working to be freer in entrepreneurial or creative projects. If you are associated with technology, then you might feel a boost of support and inspiration when it comes to ongoing innovations.

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