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Praying To Angels: What It Means And How It Happens

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When we ask our angels for some help, they are going to assist us how and where they have the ability to. So, when we ask for help, it does not mean that we are trading with our angels.

We honestly don’t have to do something in return and pay our angels back in any possible way. However, respect and gratitude will be nice touches.

In fact, we can only ask or pray for the assistance of our angels, and then we should open ourselves to receiving the knowledge which they are going to serve to us, in accordance with the Divine Will.

So, when it is in the Divine Will for them to assist us by stepping forward, and supporting us, or even creating some changes, chance meetings, or opportunities in our lives, they are going to do that, or they will have the ability to guide, support, and assist us more effectively when we ask or pray for their help.

Raise the vibrations of our angel prayers.

This is, in fact, how we all see prayers, as asking our angels for some help, literally. Now, even though there will be benefits from only asking, or even praying from ordinary waking consciousness, we should say in our mind:

“Angels help me, angels I’d like assistance in x, Y, z area of my life,” or everything we are praying for. The normal consciousness mode is on another vibrational plane which is different than those angelic realms where angels dwell. 

We should elevate our vibrations closer to those angelic realms.

In order for angels to hear our prayers, and receive our requests, we have to elevate our vibrations closer to their realms. It would also be powerful if we take our frame of awareness and consciousness into consideration which we ask and pray for assistance and help.

When we take the needed time to get still, clear, and calm, within the stillness, calm and silence, we are going to bring ourselves into closer vibrational states with those angelic realms.

After that, when we take this much further, and we open our heart, and elevate our vibrations, we will attune ourselves to the energy of the angles from this particular place.

When we ask for help, and assistance, when we pray, when we ask for direction and guidance, for intervention, the request which the prayer has, is more probable to be heard and received in ways which our angels may intervene and also act on our behalf, in order to assist us in our lives.

Via Soul Travel Rules

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