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7 Things That Define Conscious Dating

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by Conscious Reminder

“Mindful dating” or “conscious dating” is one of the enlightened ways of dating and meeting.

With the use of the following seven keys for spiritual dating, we may start enjoying our encounters in the true sense, or even connect ourselves on a more profound and soulful level:

Being brutally honest, but without being truly brutal.

Some of us are socially conditioned when it comes to not being completely honest. In fact, we were taught how to protect the feelings of a person by telling him or her little lies. In one movie, titled The Invention of Lying, the character of Ricky Gervais, named Mark, decides to pick up for dinner the character of Jennifer Garner, named Anna, and both of them say what they are thinking.

When they meet, Mark asks Ana how she feels, and she replies, “A little frustrated at the moment, also equally depressed and pessimistic about our date tonight…” In fact, it is an excellent movie. We don’t say that we have to be rude, but we need to be brutally honest and all that without being truly brutal.

We should be real.

In fact, being real also means dropping our guard and also letting our ego of; being ourselves without even trying to show off or impress. We should be totally ourselves. We should practice being ourselves with every person we meet, including our potential partners. When we are real, present, honest, and relaxed, other people will feel this, making them being more real and comfortable as well. We should use our discernment and follow our inner guidance.

Remember our divinity.

Every person is Divine energy and is made of all the same things. When we remember, integrate, and feel our Divine Presence in our physical bodies, it would be hard to feel undesired and unworthy, which is something normal for most of us. The key would be doing self-growth and self-improvement work where we love and forgive ourselves unconditionally.

We should be open and present.

When we are present in every moment, we are actually open for meeting a special person, as we pay attention, and are aware. We should focus on everything we are experiencing right now. We should say “hi,” smile, and start a conversation. Asking a person a question, or even commenting, will be an excellent way to begin a conversation.

We should be realistic.

We should know that chemistry may come in various sizes and shapes. We should realize that our “type” was mostly programmed by societal and parental conditioning and mass media. Most single people have used and are going to use dating sites at least once in their lives. When we are viewing profiles, we should look in the eyes of the potential partner and feel his or her energy through the photos. Our life partner can look like the one we were conditioned to perceive as attractive. We can appreciate the authenticity of every person we encounter. 

We should stay in the flow.

Following our heart, getting out of our head, and even trusting our inner guidance will be the essence of staying in the flow. When we are actually connected to our Divinity, we know what we should do, or where we should go, who we should talk with, and so on. We aren’t supposed to think things through, particularly for hours, and days or even weeks, it simply happens. When we let go of preconceived ideas and expectations about how someone or something should be, without screening everything that we say, will help us stay present.


When we are on some date, we should practice listening all the time. Rather than planning out your next sentence, or being worried about our look, we should focus entirely on the potential partner and really feel and hear what he or she is communicating. We should let him, or her to share without being interrupted. When we are talking, we should do that from our heart and permit our conversation to go in a natural way.

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