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The God Of Yesterday: A Spiritual Challenge

by consciousreminder
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With all of our awareness and sophisticated technology we still cannot create what man has yearned for throughout the ages. We still cannot produce peace, the gods of yesterday cannot produce peace either, simply because yesterdays gods do not exist.

The god who you believe is a god you created out of thin air having nothing to do with ultimate reality. The time to challenge your most sacred beliefs is at hand, if you do not challenge your beliefs soon, your beliefs are going to challenge you.

God will not change the world, because we will not change the world. God does not decide which humans are included in the word “us”. We are the ones who create these groupings of “us” then call them religions or faiths.

We will only find god by creating god, we will not find god by remaining stuck in old beliefs but only by opening ourselves to new ideas. God said “ Throughout all the ages unto you I will send my messengers and among you they will walk; not one, but many, bringing you the knowing and the truth of your being even as the truth immerges in as them through them, all they will say is, there is another way. There is another way to experience god, to experience your being.”

It is not gods job to tell us what to do, yesterdays god was a misunderstanding. It is only gods job to be, to be all. We are the creators, we are responsible, we are all god. The picture we have painted of a old man sitting in the sky on a cloud has been done to keep humanity irresponsible for the world we live in.

The amount we have learned over the years about how to destroy ourselves is exactly why we need to remember how to save ourselves. It is time to expand our awareness, consciousness and responsibility. It is time to move from the old spirituality’s and let go of yesterdays god. It is time to embrace a new experience of the old god, one of connection and responsibility.

Tomorrows god does not need anyone to believe in god and will have no characteristics of an individual living being. Tomorrows god is everything, all of us will awaken to this. Life is the process of awakening and becoming, ultimately remembering all that one is.

We have been lied to, separation never occurred. No part of god can ever be separated from any part of god, when you realize that, you become separate from nothing. The transformation will occur and nothing will ever divide you ever again. This new notion of god violates everything we have ever been taught about yesterdays god, yet it holds true, it is said all great truths begin as blasphemy. The creator is not separate, this is the message that is missing from all the worlds current theologies.

The old spirituality says that god stands separate from his creations and breathed life into man, that he may have dominion over as many of these things as he could touch and see and gather unto himself. The new spirituality says that god is unified and one with everything and breathes not life into humans but as humans, so that everything they experience is god in manifest form. Yesterdays god asks you to serve him while the new idea of god asks you to serve life, for life is god.

Yesterdays god allowed you to serve him by destroying life in his name, while the new experience of god cannot imagine such a thing. It is time to serve life first. When life is held as the prime value such self destructive values as war never have the ability to reach critical mass. The universe is a living system not something to be dominated and conquered. Right now you can change your beliefs and begin to change the world the way you truly want it to be.

Regardless, we will always chose survival over religions and faiths we will eventually let go of all old beliefs, it is not a question of whether we will, but when. We change beliefs by challenging them and questioning them, by holding them up to the light of logic. Identify that source and question it. Humans have been taught that we are not supposed to challenge god, and never challenge what we believe. We believe we must believe in what we believe in, even if what we believe is unbelievable. Many have been taught what ever you believe do not question it, and persecute anyone who does. Do not accept them, cast them out or even kill them.

It is time to question yesterdays god. A god who we say loves and a god who we say kills, who we say creates and who we say destroys, who we say accepts and who we say rejects, who we say rewards and who we say punishes, who we say brings us good and who we say visits evil upon us, who we say is the all in all and who we say is separate from everything, who we say is Omni present and who we say is not in us, and that we are not.

So long as we believe in a two faced god we will continue to create peace and war side by side. By telling ourselves we were created in the image of yesterdays god we have the ability to create a dualistic society based on good vs. evil, fear vs. love. We are killing ourselves with our beliefs, our god is killing us, the god of yesterday is deception.

The comments of this writing do not have the ability to collect 200 years of dust in order to gain authority, we do not have that kind of time anymore. All religions and beliefs are made up, we have been making them all up since the beginning, we are the gods, creating. Open up to life and the truth it is bringing you, let go of your emotions. Every moment is created by us, thoughts are physical, you are god. The decision to change things can spring from simple preference. Pure creation knows nothing of judgment, the decision to change things is the decision to live. It is time for us all to be at the cause rather than the effect. God is everything, you are god.


Andre H. Paris

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