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Spirits Usually Communicate These 10 Common Messages

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by Conscious Reminder

Professional psychic mediums were giving people some messages from the ones they love in spirit, and they have found that, in fact, there are several messages which continually come through during sessions.

These are the ten most frequent messages from the spirit:

He or she is not gone.

In fact, our loved one’s spirit is alive, present, and aware, as it has been when it was housed in his or her physical body. Actually, his or her present state feels more alive and conscious than before, because this material world does not restrict them anymore.

We communicate with him or her.

The conversations we have with our loved ones when they are spirits are not only in our head, but they are quite real. When we talk to spirits, they will talk back, meaning that we have to pay more attention to everything that comes to us when we ask him or her questions or guidance. They are going to create little synchronicities and signs in order to let us know they are around us.

Regardless of how he or she passed, their transition has been beautiful and peaceful.

Spirits are usually going to show us what the passage to their Other Side has been like, and we will see that it is almost always a fantastically beautiful experience. They experience joyous reunions with the ones they love or with their pets too; they feel freedom and blessed relief, and even beauty beyond that belief.

Take more care of our health.

Spirits will usually point out some physical ailments that we ignored for some time and probably held us back from entirely enjoying our lives. Self-care will provide self-love, making it an incredibly powerful way of creating happiness in our lives.

They don’t carry memories of pains.

Even when they suffered some physical pains when they were actually passing, they don’t retain a single memory of such times, and they simply feel an excellent peace in their spirit state of being.

We see our lives from another perspective.

Although there isn’t a sense of remorse or regret, spirits will see how their choices in their lives affected their happiness, and even the lives of the ones around them. Usually, they want us to see their lives as examples from which we can learn, as we make choices in our lives.

Physical experiences can be precious, beautiful, and sacred, even in their struggles.

Our spirit loved ones will recognize the fantastic beauty of the physical life, so that they would like us to appreciate and respect it as we experience it, without waiting until our transition in order to fully understand the meaning of divine blessing. Every single challenge is adding to the evolution of the soul, and every single day is the chance to experience beauty and love.

Our family history may teach us many things about ourselves.

Spirits will usually encourage us to do some research on our ancestry and lineage, in order to find out where we come from or understand our descendants’ stories. This may lead to an even more compassionate comprehending of our immediate family or ourselves too.

They will miss foods.

Spirits are usually going to talk about their most loved foods while they were in their physical bodies. It looks like an experience that cannot be duplicated right where they are now. The tastes, smells, and feelings which some delicious foods evoke, are experiences which they would love us not to take for granted.

We are unlimited beings.

Usually, our spirits will encourage adventure, taking risks, and travel. When we hesitate on a desire or dream, spirits are going to give us a small push and also tell us not to wait anymore, as physical experiences are short and such opportunities may lead us to some fantastic experiences of growth, learning, and wonder.

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