Life Is A Contemplation Of The Soul

by Tammy Julien,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

On the physical plane, it is the recourse of thought, words, and action. It is the culmination of all action created in harmony with the Eternal Aum.

It is the sound of Creation resonating through all existence giving permanence to what is.

Life is existential, a cosmic cry for experience, expressing forth from the mother in full exaltation. It beckons acknowledgment and for itself to return as a reflection of its divinity.

Asking and receiving, asking and receiving it constantly recreates spirit into matter, stimulus and response, simultaneous in a dance expressing its desire to be reproduced in form.

Originating from the One Creator, delivered from the void and corresponding with Source acknowledging in life its Oneness. One could only express what one is, a reflection of All That Is, free, abundant and sanctified.

Life could be a cosmic dream manifesting or an integration of the mind, simplified by religion and culture, it can lose itself and be absorbed.

Life for creation or destruction chooses its master; Soul or ego but always begins anew. One cannot separate oneself from life only it’s connection to all things out of fear of losing itself and thus daily life becomes a mere representation of its attachments and identity.

When one is connected with Soul one becomes part of a greater substance of matter where importance is of no consequence and therefore moves beyond self to the Greater Dream and to the natural scheme of originality spreading oneself into absolute, encompassing all passages to the Self to understand the relationship between all things for existing separate from oneself would be defying the Natural Laws of the Universe where all matter is interconnected.

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