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Keep the Dos & Don’ts of the Gemini New Moon in Mind to Ensure You Make the Energy Work for You

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by Conscious Reminder

Strive for outcomes that stand the test of time, rather than seeking immediate gratification. 

A captivating new moon greets us with the start of a new month, amplifying the sense of freshness permeating the atmosphere of spring. The lunar cycle for this month begins on June 6, in the lively and vibrant sign of Gemini. This rejuvenating cosmic reset presents a wonderful opportunity to manifest some enchantment in preparation for the upcoming summer solstice. If you’re looking to maximize the potential of this new moon, it’s important to be aware of the dos and don’ts.

The current season of Gemini is in full swing, and this new moon reaches its peak during the middle of the sun’s transit through this lively and adaptable air sign. During the new moon, you can anticipate the presence of five major planets in Gemini. This celestial alignment will undoubtedly ignite your mind with a flurry of fresh ideas, engaging discussions, and a keen interest in the intricacies of everyday life. The energy of the Gemini zodiac is characterized by its quick-wittedness and cleverness, making this lunar phase an excellent opportunity to engage in social activities and intellectually connect with others.

However, there is a deeper significance to this new moon, as it forms significant connections with both Venus, the planet of love, and Saturn, the planet associated with practicality and responsibility. These celestial connections may pose some extra obstacles on your path during the new moon phase, but rest assured, they will also bring forth incredible opportunities that resonate deeply with your desires.

This week, keep the important guidelines for the June new moon in mind so that you can effectively harness its energy.

The biggest DOS during June’s New Moon in Gemini:

DO: Embrace Your Curious Side with Enthusiasm & An Open mind

During this lunation, a remarkable alignment of planets is occurring in Gemini. This celestial event in the lively air sign is sure to pique everyone’s curiosity and enthusiasm. Embrace this energy by tapping into your curious nature and posing thoughtful questions.

Develop a curious mindset towards your surroundings to enhance your ability to fully embrace the present moment. Whether you’re curious about the inner workings of something or eager to hear someone’s thoughts and opinions, don’t hesitate to delve deeper or explore a wealth of information.

DO: Take a Leap of Faith When It Comes to Love & Relationships 

If you have goals for your relationships or want to attract a delightful summer romance, it would be wise to take action during this lunation. The sun and moon will be in close alignment with the enchanting planet Venus, indicating a favorable time for such endeavors. This triple conjunction signifies the beginning of a fresh cycle in the realm of love for all individuals. Coupled with the revitalizing energy of the new moon, it presents an ideal opportunity to embark on a new romantic connection or to bring about positive changes in an existing partnership.

DO: Focus on the Present Moment 

It would be beneficial to adopt a meticulous approach, similar to that of a professional astrologer during this new moon. Gemini individuals are known for their ability to stay engaged and juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Their attention to detail is unparalleled, and now is the perfect opportunity to channel that energy and focus on the finer aspects of your surroundings. Instead of constantly worrying about the future or getting caught up in your thoughts, try redirecting your energy towards the present moment and being more attentive to what is happening around you.

By developing a deeper connection with your surroundings, you can enhance your ability to perceive subtle cues and uncover unexpected synchronicities that may have gone unnoticed. There are a multitude of resources available to you that you may not be aware of. It would be beneficial for you to take advantage of them.

The biggest DON’TS during June’s New Moon in Gemini:

DON’T: Attempt to Handle Everything by Yourself

New moons tend to be times of self-reflection in the lunar cycle, but in the season of the cosmic twins, the power of two is always amplified. During this lunation, embrace the strength that comes from considering multiple perspectives. Seeking advice and perspectives from others can greatly enhance the strength of your plans. Sharing your thoughts and receiving input from others can be highly beneficial at this time.

Seeking assistance or working together with others can be beneficial, as the new moon is in sync with Venus, the planet associated with relationships. This alignment brings a sense of harmony and balance to any new social connections or conversations.

DON’T: Expect Instant Results

During this auspicious period for setting intentions, it is important to keep in mind that the fulfillment of your new moon wishes may not happen immediately. This is due to the current lunar cycle aligning with the stern and disciplined planet, Saturn. You may encounter some obstacles on your journey towards success, which will require you to take charge and find solutions in order to maintain your progress. You may put your patience to the test, but with perseverance and a disciplined focus on your goals, the endeavors you embark on now have the potential for long-term success. While immediate results may not be apparent, you can anticipate long-lasting outcomes.

DON’T: Be Indecisive When it Comes to Commitment

Gemini, being a mutable sign, is often characterized by their tendency to be a bit flighty and their inclination to frequently change their mind. However, due to the strong influence of Saturn on this lunation, it is crucial to wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to your intentions in order to bring them to fruition.

Embrace any new responsibilities that come with your goals, and don’t give up easily when faced with challenges. Saturn values dedication, maturity, and perseverance. By wholeheartedly focusing on your new moon intentions, you increase your chances of receiving support in manifesting them.

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